Lips, right of passage and a bra fastener

A short excerpt from a possible deleted scene - too raunchy for what realistically portrays modern girls in certain situations?


1. Lips, hips and sinking ships

His lips skated across mine with the finesse of a professional and my eyes couldn't help but draw shut as the moment slowed down the way it did in all those romance films mom made me watch with her those late nights whilst waiting for dad to 'finish his meeting' - he never did before I fell asleep though. Sometimes I caught mom crying in the bathroom asking what she done to deserve where she was in life.

I never really gave it much thought and probably wouldn't for a long time as I struggled to cope with the rage of hormones that signalled my coming of age - I always likened it to some funny African right of passage where the women, full hipped and droopy breasted were imbued with the spirit of some God before she was merely added to the fold of mating stock.

My imagination ran rife at times.

Those thoughts quickly fled my mind as his hand curled around me like a snake and he pressed closer to me, not letting his fingers do the walking but the whole of his hand do the walking, talking and then some. This was the American equivalent of first, second and third base all at once and my heart flitted. I hated it...and loved it at the same time.

Ash had long since left to 'discuss' the finer details of some socio-economic failing with Will which I remembered having given her a saucy wink as she sauntered off like some catwalk model and I mouthed 'Double wrap!" to her as some kind of goodbye, only catching her two fingers shooting up in the familiar V sign followed by the purse of her lips to a friendly kiss which she blew at me before wandering off. Was that an ironic V for victory or V for fu...? It was dark and knowing the way she was, it was probably a mix of both.

God, his lips probed mine open as any resistance I had slowly crumbled - not that there was much to start off with courtesy of the drink that had freely flowed down my throat.

If I could gasp, I would have but considering the fact his tongue had pushed through the marriage of entwined lips which moistened me shamelessly in places that wished his lips were exploring there instead, I would have but the way our bodies melded together as if two pieces of a jigsaw...well, I was just a pile of clichés. Was that need, lust, love or the alcohol talking though?

His hand dropped suddenly to push against the area of flesh between my tight top and short skirt before it adventurously pushed under the thin cotton material and moved upwards towards my bra-strap which a simple flick of finger would undo me.

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