Extract to Girl Heart Boy

This is my extract from Girl Heart Boy for the competition.


1. First time I layed eyes on him

Our car turned into the driveway of Butlins Holiday park. I let out a huge sigh, this is where we are to stay for 2 weeks. Every year we go here. Me, mum, dad and Georgia. It bored me to death. We went to the same caravan, the same restaurants the sane everything. Yawn!

Happy faces of newcomers were running or strolling down the lanes. I could here screams of excitement from the pool. I remember going there with Georgia when we were younger. The thought of frizzy hair and smelling of chlorine stopped me from going. I am in my last year at school now, I am soooo looking forward to stepping out the plane in Ibiza.

Ash's face popped up on my phone: 'Hey Babe hope u av gd time!' 

I text-ed back: ' Will try!'

The key turned in our lime green caravan. The smell of flowers and disinfected hit me. It was strong! I claimed my room and un-packed. Luckily this year me and Georgia had our own bedrooms. I can't stand another year of a loud snoring. She denies it but inside she knows. I must of drifted of, I opened my eyes finding my room pitch black. I sat up and stretched, I ached from my awkward position. 

Dad was at the oven cooking sausages. The pan sizzled and popped, it smelt good. Mum was sat at the table reading the newspaper and Georgia was checking out the t.v.

'What's on?' I asked plopping down next to her.

'Nowt much. Watching Antiques Roadshow.' She sighed.

We watched that till dad finally announced tea done. We all sat chewing our yummy meal. This is the one thing I do like about caravans, we all sit together for meals. Like a proper family.

I washed my plate and claimed the bathroom. It had cream walls and the usual facilities. There were flowers on the windowsill, Lily's maybe. I washed my bed raggled hair and wrapped myself in a towel. I slid my pajamas on and snuggled into my bed. I slept easily.


'Sarah! We are going out for a walk see you later!' My mum's voice woke me, making me jump and hit my elbow.

'Okay!' I shouted back rubbing my elbow. At least I am by myself. Might go out for a venture.

I shot my shorts and vest on, grabbing a apple on my way out. I walked down our little street of caravans. It was bright outside and fairly warm. Families were sat outside in their pajamas. Playing or eating. Some early bees were walking back out of the trees from their walks. Dogs barked as they saw a human pass by. The site was lovely, I really did like it but I was bored. I wanted to go somewhere else. I don't care if it is still in Britain. 

I seemed to walk forever because families started to walk out with picnics. I noticed a few boys playing football in the distance. As I came closer I could see they were about my age. One boy stepped out about to kick the ball. He was tall, in fact very tall. He had brown scruffy hair.  As he turned I could see he had perfect feature with green eyes. He was beautiful. Some of the boys noticed me and started to point. I kept my head down, blushing. 

'Hey! Mind out!' Someone shouted. I looked up to see a ball coming closer and closer to my face. I was to late! It hit me right in my face. It stung as it fell from my face. I felt tears trickling down my cheeks. I hid my face and ran. I kept on going not really knowing where I was. I felt more embarrassed then hurt. That cute boy just saw a ball hit me straight in the face. Great!

I stopped seeing I had ended up on the beach. I took my shoes of and walked down to find a spot to sit. I can't believe what has just happened! My face still stung a bit but the warm air soothed the pain.I closed my eyes and layed back. My head just hit the ground when a shadow lingered over me. My eyes shot open to find the cute boy. He looked down at me smiling. I flushed and sat up.

'Hey, I was just checking you were okay. Sorry about that.' He had a cockney accent but it sounded sexy. He sat next to me and looked sincerely sorry. 

I smiled. 'It's okay, just hurts a bit.' I rubbed my forehead where it hurt the most.

'Yeah it looked like it would. Sorry it was my friend who kicked the ball, he hasn't got the best coordination.' He chuckled. 'I'm Joe by the way. And the boy that did,' He pointed to my face. 'was Will.'

'I'm Sarah. So how long are you here for?' I asked. He seemed to be still worried but he relaxed into the sand.

'Erm, 2 weeks.' I tingled, I can spend as much time with him. Well that is if he wants. He may of not wanted to start conversation, he just wanted to say sorry.


'So where about's are you from?' He asked. I turned to him looking into them green eyes. He looked back curiously. I quickly looked down, picking at my shorts hem.

'Erm, Brighton. You?'

'South London. Tell me about yourself?' That shocked me. Wow! What does he want to know about me>

'Well, what do you want to know?' I looked back up. His eyes burned into mine.


I told him the usual my favourite colour, favourite film. Then I started to talk about my family and friends. I described Ashley and the things we do in our spare time. All this time, he looked interested and was patient. He would nod or ask me a question. He seemed really intrigued. I haven't got the most interesting life, but being around him I felt like I could tell him anything.

I finally finished. The beach was empty and the sky was dark. Shit! Mum and Dad are going to be wondering where I am. I'm actually surprised they haven't text me yet saying 'WHERE ARE YOU!' Some how Joe and I were nearly touching. Our arms brushed against each other when either one of us moved. Whenever I felt his touch it sent electricity up my body. It felt good.

I was just about to stand up to go, when Joe dragged me back down. I looked at him curiously. His eyes were hungry, his licked his lips looking at my face. It felt like he was going to eat me. He pulled me in pressing his lips to mine. First it was gentle but then our hunger for each other got more and more intense. Our tongues danced in unison. He picked me up and we were gone into night in a flash.

It was perfect. I felt him against me. We fitted together like a key. He was mine and all mine. He had me. We were meant for each other. Through thick and thin, we will love each other for an eternity!  

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