Hidden In Disguise (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

This is for the Justin Bieber Competition. Please read, comment, like and favourite. It would mean so much to me.

Justin Bieber is an international superstar everyone knows it, including Elise. Elise feels like the only one in the world that doesn't like Justin Bieber until she bumps into a handsome boy in a coffee shop. The only problem is . . . it's Justin Bieber in disguise. So sit back, relax and be prepared for a whole load of screaming girls, romance and Justin Bieber!


2. "Oh . . . Sorry."

Elise made her way to work early on Sunday morning. She hated working during the summer holidays. Elise was a waitress at a small cafe near the Thames in central London. She had lived there all her life and was beginning to realise just how cool it was living there. Having all popular British landmarks on your doorstep was pretty awesome and the fact that you are likely to spot a celebrity wandering around. Just follow the crowds of people and they'll take you to them. 

The sun was low and had painted a pale pink in the sky that was visible only if you look up. It was busy  for seven a.m, but it's never quiet in London . . . is it?

Elise stopped outside the cafe and opened the door with a spare key her boss had given her. The little bell chimed as she walked inside and swung the door shut behind her. The cafe was extra clean, she had always made sure her colleagues cleaned up after them. The table cloths were even smoothed out and had no creases in the beige fabric. It smelled strongly of coffee and the muffins that were underneath the clear cake dome. 

*   *   *  

The cafe was busier now and Elise was working extra hard to keep the new workers under control. Every now and then you'd hear a Smash! and there was another plate or coffee cup in pieces on the floor. The bell on top of the door chimed as another customer came in and sat at the furthest table away from the window. Something about him made Elise curious, she'd have to take his order.

After Elise swept up yet another broken mug she got her pen and notepad out. She took a deep breath and moved over to the guys table. "Can I take your order?" Elise asked as politely as she could.   

 He looked up. There was something about those brown eyes that was familiar to Elise, she had seen them before. "Coffee, please," he said with a smile. "I'm Joe."

Elise smiled back at him, "One coffee it is then."

That was her best at flirting, honest. Elise turned on her heel and made her way back to the coffee machine. "One coffee Alana."

Elise turned around to enter Joe's bill details into the till. He was there, Joe was standing in front of her. "Can I help you?" She asked innocently.

"Your Elise," he said staring into her eyes. When she didn't reply he added, "your badge."

Elise looked down, and sitting just above her chest was her name badge. Alana sat a mug of coffee down in front of him. "Thanks Alana. That's three pounds then."

He rummaged in his wallet the handed her three Canadian dollars. 

"That's three Canadian dollars, I need pounds? We're in England."

He laughed. "Oh . . . sorry, I'm Canadian." He took the dollars back and handed her three pounds.

"Okay, this is properly going to sound creepy but I feel like I know you from somewhere?" Elise said.

"Maybe you do, I certainly haven't seen you before . . . I'm sure we'll bump into each other sometime soon, I hope." He set a small piece of paper on the table and slid it towards her. "My number."

Then he turned around and left, he hadn't even drunk his coffee.

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