Hidden In Disguise (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

This is for the Justin Bieber Competition. Please read, comment, like and favourite. It would mean so much to me.

Justin Bieber is an international superstar everyone knows it, including Elise. Elise feels like the only one in the world that doesn't like Justin Bieber until she bumps into a handsome boy in a coffee shop. The only problem is . . . it's Justin Bieber in disguise. So sit back, relax and be prepared for a whole load of screaming girls, romance and Justin Bieber!


12. Knock! Knock!

Elise dropped her bag onto the hard wooden. Another hard day of demanding customers and broken mugs. She couldn't wait to put her feet up and watch some television. "It's only me, mum," she yelled into the kitchen where her mum was busy cooking something.

"Okay, love," she yelled back as the food in the pan sizzled. 

Elise let herself fall back onto the couch. Her feet ached from standing all day and her head pounded like a drum. Just then the doorbell rang interrupting her. She swung her legs off the couch and forced her feet to hold her weight. She ran her fingers through her hair as she got to the door. A quick turn of the handle and it swung open. The boy who stood in front of her was the one that broke her heart and had lied to her all those weeks ago. It was Justin.

*   *   *

Justin looked into Elise's eyes. He was speechless. Even though her hair was a mess with bits sticking out of her pony tail it still looked beautiful. Even though she looked exhausted she was still beautiful. Even though she was dressed in her work clothes with a few coffee stains on her she was still . . . beautiful. "Elise, I-"

"Why are you here?" She shouted at him with a demanding voice. "Why?"

"Elise, just let me explain," Justin pleaded as she tried to close the door. 

"Fine, explain!" Elise said hiding behind the door. 

"I had to tell you who I was one day and if I didn't you would've known it was me when I would have said I was touring the UK. You would've been suspicious. I would have never leaved you Elise but I had to tour, I can't cancel," Justin said as she listened intently to him.

"What about Selena?"

"We never properly went out, she just thought we did," he explained and when she didn't reply he added, "you actually thought I'd go out with her?"

"Well the photo in the newspaper made it look very convincing," Elise said raising an eyebrow.

"That was because I was celebrating, it was the first night of the tour in Liverpool," he said.

"And you celebrate by kissing backstage at your concert?" 

Justin laughed. "It was one of those kisses that were only meant for-"

"I can't believe you!" shouted a voice from behind Justin. 

He turned to see none other than Selena Gomez looking furious, her hair everywhere and her clothes soaked and dripping with water. "Why the hell did you leave me?!" Selena yelled.

Elise looked taken aback. Selena had marched up to him and slapped him across the face. A white hand was printed on Justin's cheek slowly turning red. "Leave Justin alone!" Elise shouted at her.

This was absurd. Elise, a normal Londoner fighting Selena Gomez and protecting Justin Bieber. This could not be her life. 

"Stay away from me you stupid idiot!" Selena yelled at Elise. "What the hell were you thinking!?"

"I said leave Justin alone! And get off my property or I'll call the police!" Elise shouted at her as she pulled Justin into her house. "Now leave!"

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