Hidden In Disguise (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

This is for the Justin Bieber Competition. Please read, comment, like and favourite. It would mean so much to me.

Justin Bieber is an international superstar everyone knows it, including Elise. Elise feels like the only one in the world that doesn't like Justin Bieber until she bumps into a handsome boy in a coffee shop. The only problem is . . . it's Justin Bieber in disguise. So sit back, relax and be prepared for a whole load of screaming girls, romance and Justin Bieber!


13. Everything Is Fine

Selena had left the garden and was sulking somewhere in London. Elise had shut the door on her and was now standing face to face with Justin. Just as he started to speak Elise quietened him. "My mum's through there," she said nodding towards the kitchen. "Come upstairs." Elise pulled Justin by the hand up the stairs to her bedroom. Once they were both in the room she closed the door. 

"I'm sorry Elise," he said with an apologetic look on his face. "I'm sorry for everything I've done to you for everything I have put you through." 

"It's okay, I've missed you," Elise replied as she sat down on the bed next to him. "I must admit I was really annoyed at you."

Justin laughed. "I knew you would be. I didn't mean it to be like this. I thought everything would be fine," he said with a smile. 

"Everything is fine," Elise said returning the smile. "Everything is fine now." 

"I love you Elise," Justin whispered into my ear. "I'll love you forever."

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