Hidden In Disguise (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

This is for the Justin Bieber Competition. Please read, comment, like and favourite. It would mean so much to me.

Justin Bieber is an international superstar everyone knows it, including Elise. Elise feels like the only one in the world that doesn't like Justin Bieber until she bumps into a handsome boy in a coffee shop. The only problem is . . . it's Justin Bieber in disguise. So sit back, relax and be prepared for a whole load of screaming girls, romance and Justin Bieber!


6. Both Sides

Elise woke the next morning with a pounding head. Was that what it felt like to be lied to by one of the biggest pop stars on planet Earth?

Courtney had gone home last night after Elise had dropped the massive Justin Bieber sized bomb on her head. Courtney seemed mad, but upset for Elise at the same time. She was mad at her turning down Justin, but she was upset that Elise's heart was broken. So Courtney decided to turn up on Elise's door at  seven o'clock in the morning again. 

"Hey," she said to a sleepy Elise. 

Elise made a groaning noise then rubbed her temples with her fingers. "Is this what it feels like Courtney?"

"Heartbreak, yeah it does." Courtney had been through a lot of heartbreaks and pain. Firstly, nearly every guy has thought her heart was something to play with and broke it like a five year old breaking a toy car and secondly, her mum had died when she was two weeks old so she only had Elise for boy help. 

"Fancy a girls night tonight?" Elise asked her with a smile as she began to climb out of her bed. 

Courtney violently nodded her head. "Anything to get out of the house when my dad's watching old war programmes."

"Good, I'll get the whole lot. Chocolate, popcorn, movies and blankets. No boys!"

"Only the ones in the movies though, they're always better," Courtney said standing up. "Six o'clock, is that okay?"

Elise nodded then disappeared into the bathroom.

 *   *   *

Justin woke up the next morning with a sense of guilt in him. Why couldn't he have told her in the first place? Everything might have gone right, she could've been lying next to him right now.

He had just finished his second tour and was now heading to Liverpool to do two shows. This was his UK Believe tour and it's fair to say the British girls were best of all. They were funnier, kinder and just a  tad prettier. Obviously Justin wasn't allowed to show this when he was on tour in America. But it was a secret he liked to keep to himself anyway. 

Justin looked out the window, he was on the main route to Liverpool. He couldn't wait. Performing was what he was born for, what he was meant to do. He never got scared of the stage or of the massive audience facing it.

As Justin stood up he swayed slightly with the movement of the bus. He made his way down to the main area where his tour road manager, Ryan Good sat with his feet up on the opposite sofa. "Hey Biebs, ready for your next concert?" He asked moving his feet so Justin could sit down.

"Yeah, 'course I am. Who's supporting this time in Liverpool?" Justin asked.

"Well, Selena Gomez is there right now," Ryan replied.

"Great! I was starting to get sick of that small boy band that played the last two concerts in London. Hopefully it won't be them when we play our last concert there on the twentieth," Justin said with his fingers crossed.

"Yeah, they were rubbish. They'll never stand a chance in an industry this big," Ryan said with his arms wide apart to show just how big the industry was. 

Justin nodded as the bus stopped. The driver poked his head around the wall. "We're here, and it looks like there's a load of girls for you Justin!"

God, why did they always say that with such a sneaky smile? Justin thought. He laughed as Ryan looked out of the window. Justin joined him. The driver was right, there was a load of girls. Thousands in fact. 

"Take your pick, Justin. You could have any one you want," Ryan said with a smile.

I just want Elise back, Justin thought.

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