Hidden In Disguise (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

This is for the Justin Bieber Competition. Please read, comment, like and favourite. It would mean so much to me.

Justin Bieber is an international superstar everyone knows it, including Elise. Elise feels like the only one in the world that doesn't like Justin Bieber until she bumps into a handsome boy in a coffee shop. The only problem is . . . it's Justin Bieber in disguise. So sit back, relax and be prepared for a whole load of screaming girls, romance and Justin Bieber!


10. A Ticket Under The Door

Hair . . . well, passable, Elise thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. She still felt bad about yesterday. She's have to apologise to Courtney . . . after all, she had been the only one to actually comfort her after Justin. 

She wrapped her coat around her then made her way out of her room, making sure she didn't stand on any of her clothes. Her room was a mess. Clothes everywhere, makeup spilled on the dressing table and her mirror . . . well, foggy. Elise never like cleaning, her mum disagreed. Elise would say that it was easier to find things when it was dirty, her mum disagreed with that too.

Elise closed her door behind her and made her way down the wooden stairs. Her fluffy socks slipped on them as she reached the bottom. She groaned as she fell back onto the floor. She clutched the side of her head where it was aching. With her other hand she reached out for her boots and slipped them on her feet. Elise pulled herself up on the window sill then looked in the hallway mirror. A blue bruise had formed on the side of her forehead. Elise sighed. 

A rustling at the door distracted Elise from the mirror. She looked down at the bottom of the door. A white envelope slid under the gap. "What the-"

Elise bent down and picked up the envelope. She teared it open and unfolded the little note that was inside. She read. 

Elise, things have been a bit rocky between us lately. I just wanted to give you back your Justin Bieber ticket. After all, you know him better than I do. Courtney

Elise couldn't believe it. An apology would have been nicer than give her back the ticket. She stuffed the note back into the envelope then got the Justin Bieber ticket out. She looked at his face that had been printed on the side of it. Elise couldn't stand it any more, she ripped the ticket up and threw it into the kitchen bin. 

A deep breath was all Elise needed to get back on track.

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