Blood red

I wake up to find myself in this building/house, blood everywhere. how I got here, I don't know. But I can feel that someone or something doesn't want me here, that somehow they can feel my presence. My vision is in a blur and I can't seem to remember anything. But before this hellish journey begins, there is only one question: who or what wants me dead?


1. Waking up

I wake up to find myself in a room, I can barely see, everything is blurry, but somehow I have enough vision to spot red on the walls, I don't have enough brain power to remember what the red was, infact I don't have enough brain power to remember anything. Breathing heavily I manage to sit myself up, I look around, that red stuff I see is everywhere, infact I can't look anywhere without seeing that red liquid, unless that's what I think it's called. Suddenly I hear a voice in my head, taking over the remaining thoughts in my mind that have survived the hellish journey into this place, I try to clear the mumbling to get a better sound, like those old fashioned radios, whatever they are. Anyway the voice says
'out of sight not out of mind' out of sight not out of mind? I may not be able to think straight but I'm pretty sure that's the wrong phrase, anyway the voice continues
' want to know why?' errr, yes I want to know why
'because I'm in your mind but you don't know that I'm also in this house, I brought you here just to butcher you' ghee whiz man, that's some pretty twisted brain you have there. Just then, out of the blue, my vision clears, I can see! But remember that red stuff, I now have the memory to remember that the red stuff... Was in fact BLOOD
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