Your Love's too far.

This is a story for the Justin Bieber Competiton.
I have taken ages and put lots of thought into this, so please enjoy, or show your hate elsewhere.


1. Chapter 1

I stood at the corner, by the News agents. Any moment now, Jaime would walk round the corner, shoving her bag in my face, screeching that it was her and Felixs' year anniversery.

And as usual, I would reply with 'I know, you've texted me a gizillion times'.

As if by magic, Jaime jumped around the corner, and as predicted, she shoved her PB bag in my face.

"Cow" I muttered, a smile creeping onto my face.

"Word children shouldn't repeat!"

I laughed, and grabbed her bag.

"Hmm... Purfume, ugh! Make-up, ugh! Justin Bieber concert tickets...huh?!"

"Give me my bag back!" she snatched it out of my grasp, and held it beside her.

"They were meant to be totes secret. God, Ingrid, your so pushy!"

I rolled my eyes, and sat on the faded-green, wooden bench.

Jaime skidded along next to me, but she still had her pouty face on.

"I don't know if Felix actually likes me that much anymore. He doesn't seem to meet me, and, well..."

"Jaime, what did he say? Did he break-up with That little sh..-"

"No, no, it's just, I over-heard his conversation with Ryan. He said, and I totes quote... 'She's not the same. What should I do? Leave?' "

"Are you sure he was talking about you? Could be his mum"

"Oh, come on, Ingrid. That's stupid!"

"Just a suggestion, no need to...-"

" Bite your head off, yeah, yeah".

Silence cut in.

Jaime just fiddeled with the straps of her bag, and I couldn't stop watching the traffic.

Finally, I decided to speak.

"Jaime, why have you got those tickets? And why in your bag, you may loose them".

She shrugged, and continued to twist the straps of her bag.

"You don't even like...-"

"You wouldn't know that, would you?" she snapped.

I laughed coldly.

"I'm your bestie, I know everything about you!"
"You haven't exactly bee the best of mates this past year!"

I sighed, and crossed my arms.

" I have, and you know it. Your the one who keeps running off with Felix. Your the one leaving me".

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