The day i met that girl

This story is for one of my best friends Mrs.Odair or well how i no her daisie she loves Justin biber and this story is for her :) This is a story from bibers point of view


2. Why I found you

"I came to you for a reason and that's for me to say that you are so beautiful and obviously a fan and to be very honest i love you and i want you to be mine what do you say?" Wow do you mean that that's amazing she says i say yes defiantly but i have to go back home to the united kingdom tomorrow what will i do i have no money no food and im expected back home by all my university teachers and friends. it does not matter i have money and i can get you another university with all you subjects please just stay with me ill sort everything out it will be fine you will have an amazing life and one full of enjoyment and adventure so what do you say gorgeous will you stay with me and travel the world and help me in my performances she screams out yes and gives me a hug i look her in the eyes and move her hair round to the back of her head and give her a kiss it was spectacular.

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