The day i met that girl

This story is for one of my best friends Mrs.Odair or well how i no her daisie she loves Justin biber and this story is for her :) This is a story from bibers point of view


1. My Performance

There i am behind the curtain ready for my big performance of "Never Say Never" there is screaming girls at the front of the stage. My nerves start to kick in and my legs are shacking. There is one girl in the audience who is so nice and cool she has everything all my merchandise and everything shes perfect.The curtain starts to open and my voice is ready. 10 minutes later its the interval and i'm ready to meet my fans hopefully i can find that girl that i first saw in the audience. There i am i'm in a crowd there is girls all around me obviously i'm in heaven but all i want right now is to find that girl. It takes me ten minutes and there she is looking so perfect on a bench crying, I go over and say "Hi are you okay" she looks up and wonders who it is there are bright lights everywhere so it was hard to see but her eyes soon focus and she notices me standing there and it puts a smile on her face. " Yeah its just that i had no chance in that crowd of girls but i am fine now because im talking to you the most amazing person ever".

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