The day i met that girl

This story is for one of my best friends Mrs.Odair or well how i no her daisie she loves Justin biber and this story is for her :) This is a story from bibers point of view


4. here comes selena

The party had started and everyone was having fun till the music stopped and the lights went in to a spot light it hit on a girl with her face covered with a mask and she had a knife in her hand she grabs a microphone and shots out my girls name "Daisie , Daisie where are you , you better come out and get right in front of me before i drive this knife through you boyfriends head" i shouted don't do it daisie she might hurt you but it was to late all i could see was my girlfriend walking up on stage the masked girl puts her hands on her head and removes the mask it was Selena and she was obviously not happy with what had gone on. She rose her voice and said " What do you think your doing trying to steal my boyfriend away from me tell me daisie " Daisie had a massive shocked face on and i shouted "Selena we were over months ago so don't start this with me."" no we wasn't nobody finishes me i finish them so now its time to say bye to daisie because you mine justin and thats that." then all i can see is daisie grab a beer bottle and smash it on the counter and shout " Oy this is between you and me not justin so if you want to fight lets fight". " Lets Fight then but no wepons because im so not going to jail for stabbing a little cow like you so lets fight" Selena drops the knife and makes a massive slap to the face and nearly drops my gorgeous girl to the floor but daisies comes back in the opposite direction and brings a massive back hand to her face and than when she is knocked to the ground Daisie grabs her hair and launches Selena Half way accross the stage ripping her shirt and and breaking her heals selena starts to cry and runs off 

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