spooky story

This is a thriller about a teenage girl home alone.


1. Home alone

There was a tap upon my window and my curtains where rustling I was scared out of my witts,I approached my curtains cautiously because i was to terrified of the answer.I opened them quicker than a lighting bolt, and to my relief there was nothing their only a branch tapping on the glass and a unclosed window.But my window was one of  those fiddly ones where you have to open it all the way just to close it. I wanted to close it but I hardly dared then I opened it to its full extend but to my surprise it was jammed.Then I forgot about the noise and the fact that the only light in the world as far as I could see was the huge moon and the flickering stars then suddenly something or someone touched me i forgot totaly about the jammed window and I slammed it shut and at that time I quite frankly wet myself. A small crack appered in the corner of my window it was all round it and even tap would even break it after i took a one second glance away from it.Then I told myself it was only a tree that touched me then i remembered "THE TREE" I saw a flicker of light come from the bottom floor and the tree was in it approaching my window and SMASH my window broke then I looked down to the bottom floor,when I was searching for the light I head butted a man. He was wearing a black cloak with a weird mask half white half black.He climbed in with a knife I screamed and ran out of my door instantly.I hid in a cloak room and got my phone out. I dialed 999 but then a shadow past my door and my phone rang I sat on but the shadow stoped I squeeled out help unaware they where my last words.

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