In Twilight everyone has their happy ending Edward and Bella, Jacob and Renesmee but what about Seth. This is what I think would be his fairytale ending.


1. Imprinting

Seth P.O.V

I walked in opening the class door to be welcomed to giggles and chats from random pupils. I shook my head why had I allowed Jacob to convince me to attend school. I glanced at all the people but my eyes stared when I saw a girl with long black hair and copper colour skin. She was chatting to her friends but looked at me when she noticed I was looking at her and smiled. 

"So are you coming to La Push Mia" one of her friends asked.

"of course" the girl with black hair known as Mia replied. Mia he thought what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I suddenly felt like I was seeing the sun from the first time and before I knew, I had imprinted on her. Seth gasped with shock how could this happened, what was I going to do. Calm down Seth I thought. Ok what would Jacob do, ask her out. I shook my head, no I couldn't do that. Make friends I thought, get to know her, find out how she really is. I walked slowly to the girl and her friends, she saw that I was coming here and smiled happily.

"Hi I'm Seth" I mumbled nervously.

"I'm Mia and these are my friends Luke, Gregg, Ryan, Violette, I hope you like this school" she exclaimed pointing at each of her friend.

"Yes I like this school, but know I like it a lot" I mumbled, she looked at me and blushed. One of her friends Ryan I think walked up to her and placed his arm on her shoulder, his eyes angry and he looked at me. I didn't need a mind reader to tell me that he was angry, and that he liked her. Too bad little boy, cause she's mine, I thought.

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