Just A Kiss

Look everyone, so this is my second movella and I'm using Rebecca's character in every fiction but in different ways. Thanks for everyone.


1. Before the Concert

Rebecca's P.O.V: 

"Hurry up lazy butt !" Jane yelled shaking. "Fine wait a second, you don't want me to look good ?" I said adjusting my mascara. She rolled her eyes and looked at her self in the mirror. We we're going to a One Direction concert. We have got backstage seats, I wasn't nervous at all. I mean British boy band. I curled my hair into perfect curls and I was wearing strapless lime green shirt, white shorts and green matching heels. Jane was wearing a UK shirt, shorts like mine and red heels.  Why can't I look like her ? She was beautiful. I shook those thoughts out of my mind and decided to have fun tonight. My mom and dad we're in a business trip for 3 months. I sure miss them but I have money, car, food and I'm 18. My sister Amelia was staying in her friend's Cassandra's house. She was 17 and a little crazy about One Direction. Did I say a little ? Dedicated to them. "Let's go !" I said putting everything in my white purse. Jane was smiling like an idiot. "Jane stop it it still 4:00 PM the concert isn't starting in like 3 hours." Her face dropped and I rolled my eyes. She turned the radio and 'Call me maybe' came on. He we're singing like idiots on the street and boys on the street we're looking weirdly at us. laughed and winked at each one of them. One guy stopped next to us as I looked at him. He has an awesome blue orbs and amazing body. His hair was brown and messy. "Can I know whats your babes name ?" He asked in a flirty way. I loved when boys hit on us. I just turned my heels on and drove. We we're laughing like maniacs. Could you see this boy's face. We arrived to the arena. They we're a lot of screaming and crazy girls. They we're screaming the boys name and buying stuffs. We decided to park somewhere else than the valet parking. We tarn around the place an saw a little corner. It has a little metal door on the left side. We walked I stopped next to the door. Someone opened the door as I felt dizzy and fell on the ground. Everything went black.

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