It's Only Love

Justin is in love and tries and tries to win her heart while on this journey he is discovering new skills!


4. Youtube

'Justin why don't you put some video's up on Youtube? Your voice is actually pretty good! See what other people think' said Freddie encouragingly. 

'Freddie that's brilliant!!' I shouted

Right. So that's sorted. If I get good feed back I'll post more songs & create my own songs! I found out something interesting today, Selena loves singing! How great is that! If i can pull this off, she's bound to like me! whether she will love me or not it doesn't matter as long as she notices me!

First video is uploaded! Now all i can do is wait a couple of days and see the feed back! I'm getting so excited!

*3 days later*

Oh my gosh! That went down a hit! 155 views, No dislikes & 107 likes and loads of fantastic comments!

"Wow your voice is amazing!! :)"

"Oh my gosh give me more!"


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