It's Only Love

Justin is in love and tries and tries to win her heart while on this journey he is discovering new skills!


5. Usher

So now it's been 3 weeks and I'm really starting to believe in myself. I have 7 videos up and each one has gone down brilliantly! I've had very few dislikes and hundreds of likes and amazing comments which have really given me a confidence boost! 

This one guy, 'UsherOfficial' messaged me saying he really likes my voice and thinks I have a future career! How amazing is that! What's even more exciting is that.. 'UsherOfficial' Is Usher! The singer songwriter! Am I really that good?! Wow! 

I messaged him back saying 'Wow do you really think I'm that good?! I'm doing all of this to try impress a girl!'

'Justin, You're great and a future hit! You will get all the girls you want if you come along with me and get signed up to a record deal, i really think you'll be a hit!'

Oh my gosh, can you believe this guy?! I don't want Selena to fall in love with me because of my fame, If i sign up to Usher and get a record deal I will have to impress Selena and get her heart before!

'Thank you so much Usher! This will be a great opportunity, So YES Please!' 

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