It's Only Love

Justin is in love and tries and tries to win her heart while on this journey he is discovering new skills!


2. School time pressure

So here i am, sat here, with her in my mind. Teachers say my grades are dropping and that i need to sort it out by studying more, but how can I when I have her constantly in my mind! The pressure of my exams and not having the love of my life will actually kill me. Step by step you are going to go with me through all my emotions until I get my girl. It starts here. 

It's break time, I sit in fear with my best mate, Freddie. We fear every break that the high school idiotic 'big guys' are going to come bully us AGAIN. They think they're so cool and so hard and worse of all, they think they can get any chick they want. WRONG! His sister, Yazmyn says that she will 'never ever go out with one of them mean, awful, numb nut bullies.' Her words exactly. Ah man, I love my sister. 

Me and Freddie sit and talk on the same bench every break, it's in perfect view to watch Selena, the girl I love, with out her friends boyfriends catching us and having a go at us as they think were staring at their girlfriends! Fortunately Selena is single! I wish she'd notice me just once, hopefully she'll realize that i am a so much better guy than them jerks that call themselves 'The Big Guys' 

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