It's Only Love

Justin is in love and tries and tries to win her heart while on this journey he is discovering new skills!


3. Notice Me

Selena loves art, fortunately I'm alright at art. I'm not vein and say I'm amazing but I often draw pictures to express my feelings, It calms me down. I once put a quick sketch of her that i drew in her locker, unfortunately her water bottle had leaked and ruined it so it just went in the bin. I just want to shout to her that if i was her boyfriend, I'd never let her go, I'd keep her under my arm, I could be her gentlemen anything she wants! 

If I were to write her a song, will she notice me? I could express all my feelings through a whole new type of art. I haven't really sang before, I'm not sure if i'm good or not. I'll have to sing a song to Freddie to see if I'm alright! That would be funny, me singing a love song to Freddie! Freddie's cool, he's my best mate, my only mate, he understand's what I'm going through! 

'Freddie I really want to pull this off real good! Help me!' I whispered.

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