It's Only Love

Justin is in love and tries and tries to win her heart while on this journey he is discovering new skills!


1. That girl

She moves in a way that blows my mind. I can't stop thinking about her. I hear her name and I weep in desperation for her love. As long as she loved me, we could be starving, we could be broke and I wouldn't care. I could be her platinum, her silver or her gold! I just wish she was mine! Silky chocolate curls sway softly as she walks elegantly and fashionably. She's an angel fallen from heaven. Her bright red lips puncture my eyes and her beautiful hazel eyes twinkle and gleam sweetly.  With a super sense of humor she surely must be every mans dream girl. She walks past and a gush of her sweet, fruity perfume mind washes me. Breaking through the temptation of going up to her and kiss her is incredibly hard. That courageous charm she holds within her forces me to smile. I really don't think I'll survive with out her. 

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