Just Imagine!

I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!


11. #Imagine- Zayn/Harry for Elaine Wu


You and Harry have been best friends since forever!! Today your sleeping over his and his friend Zayn is gonna be there. You don't know Zayn to well so your a bit nervous.

*At Harrys*

You have been round Harrys for a bit now. You, Harry and Zayn are getting on really well. You decide to play Truth or Dare, so you call over the rest of the boys. When they arrive you sit in a circle. Niall spins the bottle first, and it lands on you.

"So, Elaine, who would you date, if you could."

You could tell Zayn was hoping it was him, but so was Harry. You both like them, and can't decide. You walk out into the garden and start crying, when you suddenly feel a stong hand on your shoulder. It was Harry. He hugs you tightly, as it start to pour down with rain. Before you know it Harry has crashed his lips onto yours. You pull away, and when you look at the door, you see Zayn standing there, and he looked really upset!

You go back in and Zayn gets you and Harry a towel. You put a movie on and half way thorugh you notice that Zayn is gone. You go upstairs calling his name. No reply, so you go into his bedroom. You see him crying on the bed and go over and sit next to him. You rub his back and talk to him as he slowly calms down. He finally sits up.

"Hey Zayn, whats up babe?"

"Well when I saw you kissing Harry I got really upset because.... I love you Elaine."

"Oh Zayn, I'm so sorry. Come on, lets go back down and continue."

You went back down and started playing again.

"So can you answer my question then please?"

"Oh, yeah, um..... I would date...... Mr. Zayn Malik!"

His face lit up, but Harrys faded. Now you felt really bad. You look across at Harry and mouth sorry. He just gets up and walks away. This makes you cry. Zayn comes over and hugs you and kisses your hair.

Later that night, when you were up in your room on twitter, Harry came in.

"Listen Harry, I'm so sorry.... it's not that I don't like you! I do! Honestly, I love you, but at this stage we'll be better off as friends. Sorry!"

"It's ok, I understand."

You two hug. Then Zayn walks in. He understands it was just a friendly hug by the look on your face. He comes over to you and kisses you (once Harry has let go).

*Few years later*

You and Zayn have been dating for two years. One day while walking on the beach Zayn stops and kisses you.

"Elaine, I love you with all my heart. I love you like no- one else, but when I was at the party last night, I got drunk..... and I kinda kissed another girl. I'm so so sorry. I hope we can sort this out!"

"Zayn... how could you? How could you just kiss another girl like that? This relationship is over! GOOD BYE!"

You run back home and call Harry. He arrives with- in five minutes. He comes straight through the door and pulls you into a tight hug. You start crying again. Harry asks whats wrong.

"Zayn cheated on me. I love him Harry. Why would he do that!?"

"Shh, its ok. But you have to know, I love you more than he ever will!"

And with that Harry pulls you into a long, passionate kiss.

"Harry, I broke up with Zayn so... how about we start dating?"

"Do you think I'd say no to a beautiful girl like you, Elaine?"

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