Just Imagine!

I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!


7. #Imagine- Zayn for JadeThirlwall


You and Zayn have been dating for 4 months now. You're throwing a party with lots of friends and family to celebrate. As you are setting up you hear the dorrbell go, so you go and see who it is. Its all the boys and they've come to help you set up.

*few hours later*

You can't seem to find Zayn anywhere, so you go up stairs into the bed room. You see the most horrifying thing ever.... Zayn, who you've been dating for 4 months, is making out with your best friend Amelia!! He sees you standing there as you start to cry.

"Jade let me explain!! Its not what you think!!"



As you are running out into the street you don't see a car coming your way. Everything go's black. The last thing you remember is seeing Zayn kissing Amelia.

*Few months later*

You wake up to the sound of beeping, you sit up and look around. A white room? Machines everywhere? This isn't your home. You hear the door open and turn around and you see Zayn walk in.

"Jade? Your Awake!!"

"Yeah.... what happened?"

Tears started to swell up in his eyes. You kiss him passionately.

"I thought i lost you forever... then you saw me kissing her... and then you ran into the street and..."

"Zayn, i remember now. But why'd you do it?"

"She just kinda jumped onto me cause she was so drunk and it kinda happened from there! I'm so so sorry Jade!"

He starts playing with your dark purple hair, and he gazes into your chocolate brown eyes. He the gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring.

"Jade, will you marry me?"


You both laugh, and a few months later get happily married on a beach in the beautiful sunset!

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