Just Imagine!

I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!


4. #Imagine- Zayn 1


You and Zayn had been married for 2 years now. When you came home from work one day you couldn't find Zayn anywhere. But his car was on the drive so he had to be home! You walked into the bathroom and see Zayn crying. You run over to him and kiss his forehead.

"Zayn? Whats wrong??"

"I.... I... can't take the hate no longer!! Its getting to much (y/n)!"

"ZAYN?!?! Did you cut your wrists??"

"Yeah, I just can't do it!"

"Zayn, listen. Ignore it babe, its not like they're gonna come kill you is it?? Pop up, eh?"

You lead Zayn out the bathroom and into the bedroom. You clean his bloody wrists up and get into bed. That night you dream about how lucky you are to have him as a husband!


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