Just Imagine!

I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!


17. #Imagine- louis for Carolina


You were taking your little sister to the park, when all of a sudden you slip on the icey path. You fall flat on your face, and everyone around you was laughing. You sat up and touched your bleeding head. Your little sister was laughing too. You were so embarresed you started to cry. You cried into your hands wishing you'd never come out today. You felt a hand onyour shoulder. You looked up to see a handsome boy, with bright blue eyes and perfect brown hair looking at you. You brushed the few stray stands of hair out you face and smiled slightly. He held your face and wiped your tears away. He saw the cut on your head and he slightly winced.

He took your hand and got you up. He put his hand round your waist and walked you to his house, where he gave you a plaster for your cut. You were sat on the kitchen counter swinging your legs when he walked in with a plaster. You couldnt help but smile verytime you saw him. He smiled back and you melted inside. When he place the plaster on your head he ran his finger over the plaster a couple of times and stared onto your brown eyes. He brushed the few stray strands of your dark brown hair behind your ear.

He kissed your forehead and you couldnt help me squel a little. He looked at you again and laughed abit. He got to business, putting away the first aid kit in the cupbored. He came and sat by you and he put his arm around your waist again. You felt safe and happy, and never wanted him to let go.

"So, I'm Louis, and you are?"

"I- I'm C- Carolina"

"Well, must I say, you are extremely beautiful."

"Thanks, not to bad yourself!"

He tussled your hair and picked you up bridal styles. He carried you to the sofa and led you down on it. He sat beside you after puttin in a movie. The film was Chucky: Child Play. You hae scary movies and everytime a scary part comes up you hide your face in Louis chest. You fell asleep on Louis lap and he played with your hair, running his fingers through it. You woke up in Louis bed, so you went downstairs to get a glass of orange juice. As you were walking down stairs, you heard Louis singing...

"Would he say hes in L-O-V-E? Well, if it was me, then I would. Would he hold you when your feeling low? Baby you should know that I would..."

It was beautiful, and you anted to stay there forever. He spotted you and came over to you.

"Goodmorning my carrot princess. Have a good sleep?"

"Yes, I did. Your singing was beautiful Louis."

"Thanks. Carolina, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure"

"Well, I, urh, reallu like you. Can you be my girlfriend?"


You jump on him and kiss him passionately. Thats is the start of yours and Louis' relationship.

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