Just Imagine!

I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!


9. #Imagine- Josh Hutcherson for emkate

-First off sorry if i get ur name wrong!-


You and you're ex just broke up, AGAIN. You are crying so much you get a really bad headache and faint, but you aren't at home... your in town. When you wake up you see a fimiliar face looking down on you.... Josh Hutcherson. You slowly sit up as Josh supports you.

"What happened?"

"You fainted"

"Oh... I remember now..."

You start crying again, and Josh hugs you tightly.

"Hey, I heard your name was Emily right?"


"Ok, Emily, why don't you come back to mine for a bit and we can arrange something?"

"Yeah, ok"

When you arrive at his, you just stand in the door way. HIS HOUSE IS HUGE!!

*Hours later*

"Hey, Em, I know we just met, but, do you wanna be my girl friend?"


Before you know it, Josh has smashed his lips against yours. You pull away and that night you dream about how lucky you really are!!


-Really sorry if i spelt ur name wrong i always spell it like that! Sorry!!-

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