Just Imagine!

I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!


15. #Imagine- Harry for Nicole


You and Harry have been dating for... 3 years? Round about 3 years now. You love him so so much you would poractically DIE without him! Harry is on tour and your watching the news when suddenly a horrifying news story comes on. You see Harry and another girl kissing. You break down in tears and think of all the possible reasons he would do this. You think of all the possible outcomes, all ending in a break up.

The door opens and Harry comes in.

"Nicole I'm ba-. Babe whats wrong?!"

"Oh, don't you 'Whats wrong' me! You know perfectly well whats wrong! I saw the news story of you and that girl making out! I thought you loved me Harry! I thought I was special to you! I thought I was your everything! I THOUGHT! But now I know that I was nothing, and now I know you were just using me!"

Both you and Harry were in tears. You packed your suitcase and left. You didnt even let Harry explain, and you feel REALLY bad.

*Few days later*

-Phone rings-

You: Hello?

Harry: Nicole its me, Harry


Harry: Let me explain, atleast!

You: You have 30 seconds

Harry: You know what, I'll come round and tell you

-Phone convo ends-

-door bell rings-

"Harry? Fine, come in!"

"Nicole I'm so so sorry, it is not what it looks like! Please forgive me!"

"Explain Mr Styles and I'll think about it"

"Nicole, I love you, I love everything about you, I love your strawberry blonde hair, your blushish green eyes, your voice, you're my absolute everything! That girl was my sister Gemma, and she popped in for a visit and they got it from the wrong angle! Forgive me, please?"

"Harry, I feel so stupid, Im so sorry"

You hug him and cry into his chest. He rocks you slowly and kisses your forehead.

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