Just Imagine!

I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!


14. #Imagine- Harry for Ellie


You were in your home watching TV when you smelt something burning. You go into your bedroom and see the most terrifying thing EVER.... a fire has started. As you are running out your room to get the home phone you slip and badly hurt your ankle. You can't get up. You then relise you've got your moblie in your pocket, and call the fire department. They arrive very quickly and you relise you've locked the door and they shout through the door that they can't find any of their 'door- breaking' equipment. You start to panic because the fire is getting closer and bogger by the minute and you can't move. You try but fall back down in pain. You keep screaming....


You start crying and you feel faint. You suddenly hear a loud bang and you thought that the fire had just hit and electrical circuit. You panic even more and you try helplessly to get up and move. Suddenly you feel a strong hand grab yours and help you up. He carries you out bridal style and brings you to the ambulance.

*Few days later*

You wake up in the hospital and look around. You remember what had happened and who had saved you. Well, you don't know who saved you, but you want to know who it was. You hear the door open and see a young handsome man with curly hair and brilliant green eyes looking at you.

"You alright now, love?"

"Yeah, were you the one who saved me?"

"Yep, thats me"

He giggled abit and so did you. He came over and sat by your bed, when suddenly you recongnize him.

"YOU'RE HARRY STYLES! Why did you even save me?!"

"Well, I heard you screaming when I was outside your house watching the fireman, and I ran through to your back garden and you left your door unlocked and then it all kinda happened from there!"

"Oh, well thank you."

He stares into your coffee brown eyes and you stare into his emarld green eyes. You feel a spark, and before you know his lips are against yours. You pull away and look at him, your noses are just about touching.

"Wow, your so beautiful. I want to get to know you more."

He smiles and then starts playing with your long dark brown hair. You play with his curls and you kiss again.

"Well, lets start now then, Mr. Styles!"

He giggles and so do you. You love his cute laugh and when he does it you can't help but laugh too!

"I'm Ellie and I'm a HUGE directioner. I'm in love with a very cute boy with brown curls and green eyes that saved my life, and I hope he feels the same."

"Well, that boy is very lucky then! Your so beautiful, you know that right?"

You blush and he kisses you again. That night he takes you back to his and you dream about your life together.

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