If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


14. Zayn

Roses Pov

i was in the hospital bed just getting my taughts together when zayn walked in, he looked worried, *rose*he said *yes zaynie*i said in a posh accent, which made him laugh, he had a beautiful smile, that could light up a whole room, *will you go out with me* he blurted out, i sat there with a face like this O_O *what?* *will you go out with me?*he said again *what about perrie* i asked *we broke up*he said camly *WHAT!* i shouted *i broke up with her because i love you rose, just come on this one date to let me prove it*i pleaded *ok*i said *what?* *ill go on the date with you*i said with a smile, *really* his head shot up, *yea zaynie*i said and laughed, *right help me up and we get out of here*i said, he picked me up bridal style and headed for his car, he put on the radio and little things came on, i sang along with boys on the radio, zayn sang along with me, we both sang the song, it was such a beautiful song, ed sheeran is great at writing songs, but the guys sung it so credit to them, we got back to the house everyone came up and hugged me, except niall, *wheres niall* i asked, in his room they all replied, i walked up to his room and knocked on the door, i guess he didnt hear me because he was shocked when i saw him *niall whats wrong* i said and rushed to his side *look what people are saying about me on twitter* they wore saying he was ugly and they wouldnt care if he left one direction now, *are you logged onto your twitter* i asked him *yea why* he said still crying *because i need to do something*, i took his laptop and started typeing a tweet, this is what it said *this is rose on nialls twitter, yous are sickos who are saying nialls ugly and yous wouldnt care if he quit 1D now, you cant be called a directioner if you dont like one of the guys, naills one of the most careing, sensitive,funny and one of the most attractive guys ive ever met, so shutup saying bad stuff about him #NiallsBeautiful.* i tweeted it and #NiallsBeautiful started trending *thank you rose* he said crying, i wipped his tears away with my sleves, *dont ever think your not nice looking niall cause you are, your the famous one not them*i said *rose you dont know how much youve cheered me up*he said with a smile and gave me a horan hug, i loved nialls hugs they were warm and full of love, i took my phone out and saw a thing trending about me #RoseIsUgly i went on to it and started typeing away at my phone *whoever started that trending thing about me.......bring more i LOVE it, #HatersAreMyMotivators* i was smileing to myself, feeling pretty good with life in general, i walked downstairs and saw all the guys, they all ran to me and hugged me *what are yous doing?* i asked questioningly *we saw the hate your getting* harry said *before you guys try do anything about it, i dont care, look at my last tweet*i said, they all took their phones out, i laughed while they all did it at the same time, they all looked up at me *you arent bothered by it*zayn asked *nope* i said with a smile *really* liam asked *yea really....i dont care about hate*i said with a huge grin, *did you see my tweet about naill* i said *no* they all said in unison *some so called fans were giving him hate so i went onto his twitter and gave them a little talking to*i said with a smile, they all checked his twitter *rose your such a strong person*louis said *people can call me names and all but when it comes to my friends, the person or in this case people should be ready for some crazy shit* they all laughed at what i said but it was the truth.

Zayns Pov

me and rose were going on a date tonight, i planned something special i had a tux on, but it was a special occasion to me because this is how i was going to prove to rose i loved her, i was waiting for her to come down the stairs, i saw her at the top of the stairs, she still had that crazy coloured dip dye in her hair but i loved it, she was wearing a midnight blue dress and black heels, she walked down the stairs, i must of had my mouth open cause she said *ya trynna catch flys there zayn*she said and laughed *sorry you just look beautiful* i said and she blushed, i handed her a boque of red roses, *awww zaynie there beautiful* she said and kissed my cheek, all they guys came out and took pictures of me and rose, it was like we were going to prom and they were like moms snapping pictures left right and center, they put them on twitter and mentioned me and rose in it, she took a screen snap of one at set it was her lock screen and wall paper, *shall we*i said *we shall* she said and we walked out into my black range rover, *you have to put this blindfold on*i said not takeing my eyes off the road while handing her the blindfold *but my hair* she whined, *it will be fine now put it on* he laughed *fine* i sighed, within a few minutes we were there, i got out and went over to her side and took her out, *ok take it off*i said *oh my god zayn*

Roses Pov

he rented out the london eye for us to have dinner on *oh my god zayn this is amazing you didnt have to do this for me* i said *yes i did now come on* he pulled out my chair and he sat in his we went around a few times and then stopped at the top.we had finished dinner and now we wore eating dessert *rose*he said nervously *yea* i replied *will you be my girlfriend*he said with his head down, i got up and walked over to him and sat on his lap *of course i will* i said and kissed him, he was shocked at first then kissed back, we were on our way back to the house, he held my hand while he was driving, he had a huge grin plastered on his face the whole way back, we went into the house realising it was 12pm, we went upstairs and i went into the bathroom to change, he gave me one of his shirts, i washed my makeup off and put my hair in a messy bun and put his top on, i walked back out and he was in bed, wearing only a pair of boxers, i got in and put my head on his chest and my hand on his abs, *i love you rose*he said *i love you too zaynie* and with that i fell asleep

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