If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


1. Working


I was working at my new job Starbucks takeing orders a guy with a beanie and a hoodie walked up i looked into his eyes the were emerald green.We stood there gazeing into each others eyes when he ordered a medium coffee.when i gave him his coffee he started to walk away i noticed he left a small piece of paper there i looked up to call him but he was gone.the piece of paper had his number on it....

Harrys P.o.v

i waited in line hopeing no one would notice me.I saw a beautiful girl standing behind the counter she had long flowing blonde hair.I stared for a few minutes when i heard a cough behind me ''sorry'' i said and moved forward i found a piece of paper and started writeing down my number for her.when i got to the counter i caught a glimpse of her eyes they were icey blue.when i finally got the courage to look at her we gazed into eachothers eyes when i finally said ''can i have a medium coffee please'' she smiled and started makeing it she had the most beautiful smile ever....i put the piece of paper on the counter and paid i got out quickly before she could call me back to tell me i dropped some paper.

*The Next Day*

Rose's P.o.v

I didnt know wether to text him or not so i decided i would *hey* i texted i got a reply right after *hey gorgeous* i blushed at his text i texted back *so you gonna tell me who you are?:)* he replyed *only if u promise not to freak out* why would i freak out i taught to myself anyways *i promise* *ok im..............Harry Styles* i replyed *why would i freak out over your name?* *you dont know who i am do you........ever heard of one direction* i taught about it.....i know who he is now hes in a world famous boy band!!!!!! why would he want to talk to someone like me? *so why do you want to talk to a normal person like me* i said he replyed by saying *because i like normal* i laughed at the text *so wanna come over* i said *sure where do you live* *52 oak terrace lane* *ok be there in a few the guys wanna come if thats ok?* *yea sure*

Harrys P.o.v

she invited me over so i asked the guys did they want to come.she was fine about them comeing over...we went over to her house it was pretty big for just one person to live in.i knocked on the door and she awnsered *hello* her voice sang through my ears *hey* we all replied in unison she invited us in *anyone want any food* she asked of course niall was the first one to dive at her kitchen she laughed at the way he ran into the kitchen her laugh was the most beautiful thing ive ever heard.*what you guys wanna do* she said *watch a movie!* zayn practically shouted *ok*she said and ran into a room. she came back a few seconds later with a dvd called grave encounters.she put it in and sat on the sofa it was a big sofa enough for all of us to fit in i sat beside her.she moved in closer to me a put her head on my shoulder,i smiled to myself i look over to catch liam glareing at us he saw me looking and looked away.the film got more intense as it went on.we were on a scary bit and she jumped as a monster attacked the main character i wrapped my arms around her and she dug her head into my neck.

Liams P.o.v

i saw rose and harry cuddled up together i was feeling a little jealous i didnt realise i was glareing until harry gave me a weird look.i looked away thinking that should be me holding her like that NOT harry!!! i was looking at rose she looked at the tv then me and smiled and wow she had a beautiful smile. i looked down quickly trying not to let her see me blush i couldnt help but get butterflies......

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