If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


5. The Date

Rose's Pov

*rose will you go on a date with me* i was frozen i opened my mouth but nothing could get out so i just nodded he smiled and moved closer to me i was smileing like a idiot and then he did it he kissed me softly but as the kiss went on it got more passionate his tounge was trying to force its way through so i let it in, as we were kissing someone coughed we jumped and parted to look at who it was, it was louis he stood there smileing and before i could say no he shouted *LIAM AND ROSE USEING TOUNGES!!!!!!* i start walkin toward him he ran i darted after him and clipped his foot he fell with a thud and i started laughing when he got up his face was angry i laughed even more, i started to run but i cant run and laugh so i gave up running a was tackled by louis on to the sofa.

Harrys Pov

when i heard what louis had shouted my heart broke into a million pieces,i could feel the tears streaming down my face i looked up and saw rose she was standing there makeing her way over to me *whats wrong harry* *nothing* i replied *harry i can tell it is something so tell me NOW* i turned away and she grabbed my face, i smashed my lips on to hers only to get a slap in the face *HARRY!!!!* *rose i......i....im sor-* she got up and walked away angrily, what did i do i taught to myself, i got angry at myself and start punching the walls my hands wore bleeding but i didnt care, i just knew that i wanted rose and couldnt have her, i heard footsteps comeing up to my room i just sat on my bed and looked at what ide done to my room rose was the first one to run in i was surprised that she was first i told the guys not to come in and just leave me and rose alone for awhile she sat down beside me and looked at my hands *harry why did u do that* she ran to the bathroom got a towel and started to wipe the blood and cuts *because rose i want you to be mine and i know i cant have you* *but harry you said you could just deal with it and be friends* *i know i did but when i heard what louis said and it broke me i couldnt deal with it and im sorry i kissed you i couldnt help myself* i turned my head i couldnt look at her *im sorry i slapped you i was just caught off guard* i turned back to look at her *im gonna go get some plasters (band aids) * she said as she walked out of the room, i knew i had to get over rose but how could i get over such a beautiful girl like her*

*Next Day*

i woke up in liams arms our date was today, so i rang my friend amy asking if she wanted to come shopping she said yea i told her ide get her in about an hour, i wanted to do something new with my hair and decided ide get it dip dyed i was gonna get it dip dyed yellow to orange to red i wasnt getting my whole head dip dyed only from the middle down, i got up and got dressed liam was still asleep so i decided not to wake him i went down and saw all the guys sitting down watching tv i saw with them *watchya gonna do today rosey* zayn said *im goin shopping with a friend what about you?* *nothing just sitting in wit all the guys haveing a lazy day* i smiled and got up to go out to get amy *bye* i said *bye* they all said in unison. i got amy, amy was the same age as me was only a little smaller then me she had long flowing brown hair that was dip dyed blonde from the middle down i loved her hair.she got in *ROSEY!!!!* she sang *AIMSTER!!!* i screamed we headed off to the shopping center i got my hair done exsactly the way i wanted it i loved it me and amy went into a dress shop i found a beautiful red dress and it fit me perfectly it was like a silky fabric and it had a small train that flowed behind me it had straps and it was backless i tried it on amy was gob smacked *Oh My God!!!!! rose its b-e-a-utiful* i giggled and so did she then we burst out laughing everyone in the shop was giving us weird looks, but we didnt care Y.O.L.O i taught.i dropped amy back at her house and drove back to the zayns were all the boys wore i came in and they all stopped and looked *ROSE what did you do to your hair?!?!* they all screamed i laughed and said *got it dip dyed* and walked upstairs me and liams date was in a while and i needed to get ready i got in the shower and taught tonight was going to be amazing i got out with a towel wrapped around me to find liam sitting on the bed waiting *yes mr.Payne* i said *i was just seeing what you were doing....hope you didnt forget about the date * he said *how could i* he smiled and walked out i got ready dried my hair then curled it i put my dress on and some really high red heels and did my makeup i put on foundation and powder i did my lips next and put the red lipstick on them i did my eyes last i put brown eye makeup on and put mascara on liam called me *rose ya ready* he shouted *yea comeing now* i shouted back i walked down the stairs seeing liam in a tux all the guys stared with mouths wide open *what, do i look bad* i said with my head down *no you look beautiful* niall said *amazayn* zayn said *fablouis* louis sang, *you look amazing* harry said, i smiled at all the compliments i got i turned to see liam standing there with a boque of roses in his hands i had a huge grin on my face he came over and kissed my cheek, i blushed, *for you beautiful* liam said i thanked him and he pulled me out of the house *were we going* i said *surprise here put this on* he handed me a blind fold and i put it on i heard the car stop and liam got out and opened my door and took my hand and helped me out i couldnt see anything so i just let liam guide me.he said *take the blindfold off* i saw a table with candles lit and two chairs i gasped in amazment we were in the O2 arena in london i looked at him * you didn have to do this for me i said *rose i would do anythin for you* i smiled im falling hard for liam the night waas great the food was beautiful and liam was amazing could this night get any better.

Liams Pov

i was really nervous i hope she couldnt tell we were walking out hand in hand and i turned and said to her *rose* *yea* she looked up *will you be my girlfriend* i was hopeing she was gonna say yea *YES!!!!!!* i was soooo happy i picked her up and spun her i put her down she was smileing i smashed my lips onto hers she was smileing through the kiss so was i, we got back to the house when we walked in the boys looked up and saw our fingers intertwined they all whisteled and roared and cheered when we told them we were going out i looked at harry and i saw the sad look he had on his face like his heart was broken i felt bad and happy at the same time, me and rose walked up to my room *use protection!!!!* louis screamed we both laughed, she couldnt find her pjs so i handed her one of my tops and she went into the bathroom and got changed she came out wearing no makeup my top that was to her knees and her hair in a messy bun and she still looked beautiful as ever we climed into bed and started kissing when she said that was were it ended i was kinda dissapointed but i didnt care to much to let it bother me she turned her back to me and i hugged her while we fell asleep together.

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