If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


17. The call

Zayns Pov

i woke up with rose tightly wrapped in my arms, i still had to talk to niall about yesterday, i got up makeing sure i wasnt wakeing rose up, niall was downstairs and no one else was awake, *what was that yesterday* i spat at him *what was what* *you fucking stareing at rose like she was a piece of meat* i roared *i didnt fucking do anything* he screamed back at me, thats when i hit him, i punched niall right in the jaw, i saw tears form in his eyes, he turned around and rose was behind him, *zayn* she screamed in shock *what* i spat *what the fuck did you do that for* she screamed hugging niall because he was crying, i grabbed niall away from her *come on niall fight back* i screamed in his face *fucking hit me* i roared *the fans are right you are ugly*, thats when i saw all the anger in his face, he hit me dead on the nose, then we started fighting *STOP!!!* rose screamed in tears, we kept fighting, she got inbetween us, i was about to punch niall when she jumped infront of him *zayn stop please* she said crying, my nose was bleeding niall had a black eye and a busted lip *you two are best friends, yous shouldnt be fighting like this* she slapped the both of us and walked towards our room, i ran after her, she got a suitcase out and started packing *rose where are you going* i asked worried *home* *rose you are home* *i mean back to ireland zayn* she said tears flowing down her cheeks *no rose please dont* i said tears about to spill out of my eyes *zayn-* she said i cut her off *rose im not letting you leave, if you leave i wont be able to live please* she just pushed past me a left without saying another word without even glanceing back. i cant live without rose, what am i supposed to do.

Roses Pov

its been a month since i left the guys, i forced them out of my life, i was getting messages and phone calls off all of them, i saw a picture of zayn on facebook and he looked horrible, did i really do that to him, im such an evil person, i didnt even give zayn the time of day to explain what happened, i missed the guys, and i didnt wanna be here in ireland i wanted to be in england with all of them, haveing fun, laughing and a lot of other things *breaking news* the tv blasted, i looked at the tv in shock *zayn from one direction has been rushed to hospital* i looked at the screen wide eyed and saw a picture of zayn blood soaked, my phone rang, i was sobbing at this time, it was harry *h-h-hello* i stuttered between sobs, harry was crying to *did you see* *yea* *rose please come back he hasnt been the same without you, he cuts rose, he barely eats, and he doesnt come out of his room anymore, rose im begging you please come to the hospital he needs to see you* *im sorry i did this to you all harry, im on my way to the airport now* i said and hung up, i got onto the plane, sobbing my heart out, as soon as it landed i was the first one off, i sprinted through the airport, and got the first taxi to the hospital, i ran through as fast as i could, i saw harrys curls and ran at them, he turned around and saw me, he ran up to me and hugged me *im so sorry i did this to all of you* i said sobbing into his shoulder *rose they dont know if hes going to make it, he lost to much blood* *no* i screamed, all the guys came up to me and we had a group hug, every one of us crying, i heard someone cough *excuse me mr.malik keeps muttering a name, rose* he said, i shot my head up *follow me* he brought me into zayns room, he didnt look like himself, he was skinny and pale, how could i do this to him i taught, i walked to his side and grabbed his hand *z-z-zayn* i stuttered *if you can hear me im sorry you shouldnt have done this to yourself, i didnt mean to hurt you, please wake up please.

Zayns Pov

i heard people walking in but i couldnt open my eyes *z-z-zayn* i heard rose stutter rose rose!!! she was here, i was screaming her name but nothing came out *if you can hear me im sorry, you shouldnt have done this to yourself, i didnt mean to hurt you, please wake up please* she said crying, i was trying my hardest to see her beautiful face but my eyes wouldnt open *miss you have to leave now*a man said *no NO!!!* she screamed *zyan wakeup wakeup!!! im his girlfriend let me back in* she screamed crying *ROSE!!!* my eyes shot open and i saw her *zayn* she screamed, she ran up to me and kissed me *dont ever do that again you scared me i taught i was gonna loose the love of my life* she said crying *never* i said smileing *i love you, i always will remember that* she said the boys ran into the room, they all looked horrible, they all had red puffy eyes, i saw niall, he ran at me and hugged me, we hadnt talked since *im sooo sorry zayn i didnt mean to fight with you i miss you* he wispered crying into my ear *its ok niall* i said with a smile, we were all smileing.I felt happy again i had rose back and the band was ok, it was back to normal, and trust me i liked normal.



The End



Thank you all for reading my first movella, hopefully there wil be more to come :D <333333 Love Yous :)

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