If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


2. The boys stay over

Harrys P.o.v

We wore still at rose's house and it was pretty late she looked tired she was doesing off on my shoulder so i picked her up bridal style and carried her to her room, right when i was about to leave she called me back and said*you and the guys can stay here tonight if you want?* i smiled and said*theres only two extra rooms* *you can sleep in here with me* i smiled again and shouted to the boys that we were staying over for the night they all replied and went to bed i took off my clothes and was left wearing just my boxers i caught rose stareing looking at my abs.

Rose's P.o.v

Harry caught me looking at his perfectly chizeled abs i blushed and looked away he laughed and his laugh echoed through my whole room which made me giggle a little.he got in and came up close to me our faces a few inches apart i could feel his warm breath on my face *you are beautiful* i looked down and blushed a bright red i knew he could see it he giggled *thanks* i said and with that i fell asleep i felt a pair of muscular arms wrap around me i smiled and fell asleep. i woke up to the sound of my alarm beeping *ugh* i had to get up for work i didnt want to get up but i had to, i was about to get up when i got dragged back down*harrrrrrrry*i groaned *let me get up* *no* he said *pwease* i puppy dog eyed him, he gave in i went into the bathroom to get changed i wasnt allowed wear makeup to work so i just put a bit of mascara on i did a fishtail in my hair and walked out harry wasnt there so i guessed he went downstairs.i walked down to find all the guys eating pancakes and harry at the stove cooking pancakes he had all of his hair tied back into a pony tail and i saw it and laughed for a while they all gave me a weird look between breath i said *harrys.........hair* they giggled a little and harry took his hair out he gave me a plate of pancakes and i ate them they wore delicious i had to go so i told them they could leave whenever .                  

                                                                        Liams P.o.v

i didnt want her to go. she walked out and said bye *bye* we all said.once she went harry wanted to talk to me as we talked he said *what was that yesterday* *watchya mean hazza?* i asked *i caught you glareing at me when i was cuddling rose* *no you didnt* i replied kinda nervous *liam i can tell your lieing* *fine.............i think im starting to like Rose* his eyes bulged *well then were just gonna have to see who she likes* he replied and pushed past me.Fine harry if you want to play that way then we will, im gonna get rose he wasnt.

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