If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


10. The boys new song


Roses Pov

we were back in england and the boys were recording their new song Little Things ed sheeran wrote it but i like the boys singing it better.liam left his phone here, he got a message i wasnt going to check until he got 2 more so i went over and looked, they were from his X danielle, what was she doing texting him i taught to myself so i check, i felt a horrible pain in my heart when i readed the text like my heart was being tore into a million pieces the text read *i had soooooo much fun last night liam, the things you did to me i can still feel that kiss we shared last night* the tears were streaming down my face, thats when the boys walked in.

Liams Pov

me and the boys walked in, rose was balling her eyes out she walked up and smacked me clean across the face, i winced in pain *how could you* she screamed *rose whats wrong* i screamed back *check your fucking phone, have fun last night with danielle* *rose i-* *save it liam, ive heard all the bull shit excuses, dont ever talk to me again* she shoved past me and the boys and ran out of the house, zayn ran after her cause he was clostest with her apart from me, i broke down onto my knees *liam its ok zayns gonna bring her back* harry wispered into my air while he was hugging me *no he wont harry you saw how upset she was* *liam danielle texted you* niall said, my head shot up as i walked over and got my phone i read the text *why would she do this to me* i screamed as i threw my phone on the couch, rose believed the text cause i was out last night with boys but rose didnt know i taught to myself, i need to get her back im not going to let the love of my life back.

Zayns Pov

i was catching up with rose because she wasnt that fast espically when she was crying, she didnt know i was behind her cause i scared her when i got up beside her *whats wrong* i asked *zayn please just leave-*i stopped what she was saying cause i hugged her *zayn* she said crying *yea* i asked *your one of my clostest friends out of all the boys, i can talk to you about anything* *well talk to me about this* *danielle texted liam that she had fun last night with him and the things he did to her and she could still fill his kiss* she said sobbing into my chest, i wanted to stay like this with rose forever, im starting to have feelings for rose i cant i have perrie but i cant help it shes beautiful, *zayn* she said snapping me out of my thoughts *ohh sorry, wait liam was with all if us last night and stayed in mine with me and perrie cause he didnt wanna wake you* *oh my god i slapped liam as hard as i could when i saw him, hes never going to talk to me again* she said sobbing *yea he will now come on* we walked back to the house hugging she opened the door and ran to liam *liam im soooo sorry i didnt mean to hit u i was just upset and wasnt thinking* *rose its ok i know how u feel i probably would of done the same* *i love you liam* *i love you too rose* i felt my heart shatter right there and then, thats when i knew i has feelings for rose when i heard her and liam say them word to each other.


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