If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


7. The attack

Roses Pov

I tried to get up but liam still had his arms wrapped around, he dragged me back down *liammmmmmm* i groaned *let me up* *no* *if you dont let me up ill get a spoon and throw it at you* *how you gonna get a spoon if i have you here* *i need to have a shower!!!* *can i come with you* *hahaha you wish ;D* i got up and ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind me, i heard a thud then liam groan i opened the door to see him lying on the ground holding his nose, i couldnt help but just stand there and laugh, he gave me a evil look, i helped him up and started to clean his nose he looked deeply into my eyes and smashed his lips into mine, it started to get more passionate and then liam lifted me off the bathroom counter and onto the bed and thats when it happened it was amazing after it i had my head on liams chest and he was playing with my hair *that was amazing* he wispered in my ear, i got up to take a shower i had a long one because i was just thinking about everything that happened in the past few days, when i was getting out i heard something smash i just taught one of the boys broke something then i heard amy scream i had pjs and a top on, i darted for the door and ran to the sound of amys scream i saw a man standing over her with a bat about to hit her, i ran and jumped on his back and started to scratch at his face as i was doin that his grabbed my hair and tore me over his shoulder and onto the ground, i screamed in pain and grabbed amy and started running, i felt like i was in a horror getting chased by the physco but im not gonna be one of thost stupids bitches that falls and ends up getting killed, i was running with amy into the bathroom of liams room, i ran in and slammed the door shut and locked it, the man was kicking the door through it was going to give way at any moment now there was a small window that led to the roof i told amy to climb out first, she was climbing out and the physco still trying to get to us, when i was half way out he got in and saw me trying to escape, he grabbed my legs and dragged me through, my head bounced off the tiled floor with a big thud i felt my head it was bleeding i still had to fight my way out, i was kinda dazed and confused so i kicked him in his you know what and ran for the door, i sprinted out the door and down the stairs i saw someone lying on the ground, ohhhhh god it was harry, i ran over to him *harry.....harry wakeup!* he groaned *comeon hes comeing* i picked harry up trying to get out the door was locked and it wouldnt open, we had no other plan on what to do so i decided we were going out one of the windows, before i could do anything i heard a horrifing roar *im comeing for you, you little bitch!!!!!!* i pushed harry through the window and jumped out myself i called out for amy and couldnt find her *AMY!!!* i screamed she came out from behind the bushes *come on we need to find the guys* *there gone out to get breakfast* we were walking down around for awhile until we finally saw the guys, i sprinted up to liam and hugged him he saw all the blood in my hair and was shocked *WHAT HAPPENED* he asked worried, i was crying at this stage,*a man was in the house and and he attacked us i didnt know what to do i was terrified* i said sobbing he brought me to the hospital and i just had to get stiches in the side of my head, liam said he was never going to leave me again and blamed himself for what happened *liam cop on it wasnt your fault* i said *what does cop on mean* he asked confused *it means that you shouldnt blame yourself* i said with a smile *you and your irish slang confuse me* i laughed at him.

Liams Pov

i cant believe i let that happen to her, she said she was ok but i didnt believe her she tried to laugh it off but i wouldnt let her, she was a really laid back person and i love her for that but after she split her head open i told her i was always going to be there for her, i couldnt take seeing her with blood all over her even though she was smileing.my phone rang playing gangnam style, rose started laughing her head off *what* i said smileing, *your ring tone its hilarious, even though i hate the song* *what?!* i asked shocked * you dont like gangnam style* *its a horrible song* she said *whats your ring tone then* i asked *i follow river* she said with a triumphant smile *what?* she gasped *ill play it for you* she played i follow rivers for me and i liked it, she was crazy into dance music, i wasnt mad into it but i liked some of it, she liked avicii and all them kinds of songs, she danced around while i put her phone in the docking station and she blared i follow rivers, dancing like an idiot, so i took a picture of her and put it on twitter i said *my beautiful girlfriend dancing to i follow rivers....she doesnt look crazy atall* she saw me typeing but before she could see i tweeted it, her phone made a noise she looked at it for a minute and gave me a death stare *karmas a bitch and i cant wait for her to get you* she said to me, i laughed at her and saw her laugh too, she was really the love of my life, i got up and start danceing like two big weirdos we danced then she stared singing with the song she had the voice of an angel *you didnt tell me you could sing* i said into her ear, she just smiled and i asked her to sing for me *no* she said *pwease* i puppy dog eyed her *NO* *rooooose* *i said no and thats it* she stated *fine* i said and walked out to the guys and amy, amy and zayn we cuddleing together on the couch, they looked happy together so i was happy for them.


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