If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


6. Public

Rose's Pov

liam asked me to go to him and the boys concert i was extremely excited to go cause i havent been to a concert before.we were all backstage talking i was waiting for amy to arrive cause i asked her did she want to come,i decided to text her *were are you* i waited for her to text back *outside!!!!they wont let me in* i walked out and told the security gaurds she was with us me and amy walked into the little living room thing that they had backstage all the boys said hey to her and she hey'd them back, i caught zayn looking at her a few times and she didnt notice, so i sat down beside him *your makeing it to obvious* *what* he said surprised and gave me a O_o face *looking at amy you make it to obvious* he blushed and tried to hide that he was blushing *zayn do you like her?* he looked away *zayn its ok* i smiled *just go over there and talk to her* he got up and went to talk to amy it looked like they were hitting it off.

Amys Pov

i was talking to niall and louis, their accents cracking me up every time i spoke i knew rose was irish but she was from dublin, niall was from mullingar and his accent was hilarious.they were both laughing at me laughing then i felt a gentle tap on my shoulder i spun around thinking it was rose when i turned around i saw zayn he was really hot, he had a great smile brown hair with abit of blonde in it, he was really stylish, and i stood there stareing into his brown eyes and he was stareing into mine we had a little bit of a moment until louis scream *ooooooooooo zayn and amy....ZAMY!!!!!!* we both blushed a deep red and laughed, i laughed a little too much cause when everyone stopped laughing i was still laughing.we were waiting for the arena to fill so louis decided we'd all play truth or dare, louis spun it and it landed on me *truth or dare * he said *dare* *i dare you to kiss zayn useing tounges* *ok* i said a little to excited i went over to zayn and sat on his lap, he leaned in so did i and we started to kiss it was magical i could feel the fireworks i hope he could to.

Zayns Pov

i was kissing amy when i heard louis say tounges i slid my tounge in her mouth and our tounges started to dance, when we ended she stayed on my lap i didnt mind cus i kinda like her already i dont know why but i was.a man came in and said your on in 5 we all got up and headed to the stage i didnt wanna leave amy but i knew i would be able to see her when we came back on after the show we went on singing na na na right when we were about to sing what makes you beautiful liam stopped and had something to say.

Rose's Pov

i saw liam stop the song and turn to me, thousands of fans screaming he said *i want to introduce someone to you guys to my new girlfriend rose,rose come out here* i stood there froze i was shakeing my head so he started to walk over and get me *no no no no no* *yes yes yes yes yes* i ran he still had his mic so the fans could hear everything *what if they hate me.......i cant go out there their gonna hate me NO* so he lifted me up and brought me onstage oh my god there were thousands of fans screaming, the song started playing and liam took my hands and started singin the start of the song, i saw zayn go off stage and get amy he stood there singing to her like liam was with me i could see her blush , then the song ended and zayn said into the mic *amy i know we just met and all but i like you and i want you to be mine....be my girlfriend ?* amy shot up and kissed him, the roar of the crowd deafining as we all walked off stage i turned around to see amy kissing zayn again, *get a room* louis said as they broke apart laughing we went back to the house amy slept with zayn and me and liam slept together i felt two muscular arms rap around me and i turned to look at liam we kissed for a while and then i dosed off in liams arms.


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