If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


16. Leaveing

Roses Pov

amy had to leave and go back home cause her mom was sick, she had breast cancer and they wore saying she isint going to make it through, amys brother jack rang her in the middle of a conversation, she was talking for a few minutes and started crying i immediatly ran up to her and started hugging her and then i started crying to, she told me her mam had breast cancer and she wasnt going to make it through, we were both sobbing hugging each other, the boys walked in and sat down with us amy couldnt say what happened so i asked her if it was ok, she nodded through her sobs, *her....her mum got b-b-breast cancer and they dont think shes gonna make it through* i was crying my eyes out, the boys all came over to us and huddled around us and cried amy had to go back home to spend her mams last few months with her, i asked her if she wanted me to go but she didnt want me to, because she knew her mum wouldnt want anyone to see her like the way she is now, we dropped amy to the airport, i told her to tell her mum i lover her and with that she was gone into the airport, i was still crying thinking about the taught that rachel wouldnt be here with us anymore, i felt my heart break as i taught about amy, what was she going to do without her mum, shes going to be devestated.the boys were cheering me up, they brought me to nandos and we ordered the food and ate, the boys were telling me jokes and it got my mind off it and i was happy again, we drove back to the house happy and smileing, we sat down and watched tellivision, my favourite show, Misfits was on my favourite guy in it was always nathan but hes gone out of it now and theres only one original left :'(.i sat and watched misfits zayn came in and was about to turn it off *NOOOO* i screamed, he gave me a weird look *i love this show*i said *really* *yea and if u turn it off ill chop all your hair off in your sleep* i said with an evil smile *ok i wont* he said and wrapped his muscular arms around me *your lucky* i said with a smirk, we sat and watched misfits, i fell asleep at the end because zayn was soooo warm and snuggly like a big teddy bear.

Zayns Pov

rose fell asleep in my arms, i picked her up like a bride, she woke up *zayn you dont need to carry me* she chuckled *i know but i want to* i said with a smile and i kissed her cheek, i tripped up over my own feet and dropped her, she landed with a thud and started laughing *oh my god rose im soooo sorry*i said, she couldnt talk cause she was laughing and then she let out a snort and covered her mouth, i started laughing and fell on the ground from laughing *you didnt hear a sound* she said seriously *im going to tell everyone you snort* i said laughing trying to run, she grabbed my leg and i fell, she took my phone out of my pocket and ran into my room, i tackled her onto my bed and started to tickle her, she couldnt breathe with the laughter from tickling her, i was laughing too, i told her to give me my phone or i wont stop, she gave it to me and flipped over, she was ontop of me now and we started kissing, she was rubbing her hand up and down my leg teasing me, she got up off me and went into the bathroom, niall walked in and his eyes were closed *could you two please not do that tonight, i didnt get any sleep when yous did it last time*he said tiredly, i could hear rose laughing from the bathroom *naill we arent doing it, well not anymore till you ruined it* i whined, she let out a huge laugh and walked out, she was wearing one of my tops that went to her mid thigh, niall looked and started drooling *niall close your mouth your gonna catch flies* she said, he closed his mouth and walked out, idk what that was about but ill talk to him tomorrrow.

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