If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


12. Kidnapped

Roses Pov

i was out for a walk by myself just listening to music, suddenly everything went black, i woke up in a dusty run down room, i was tied to a chair, i looked around and started screaming liams name for help *LIAM!!!* i screamed at the top of my lungs *shut the fuck up bitch!!!* and i got a hard slap, *were going to be hacking into liams twitter tonight and doing a little twitter cam for all of his fans* he said, i knew his voice, it was the man who attacked us at the house *what the fuck do you want with me* i cried *your gonna be my little torture toy for twitter cam* he said i spat right in his face *you little bitch* he roared and punched me in the gut, i let out a howl of pain *serves you right, you little basterd* he said and walked out, i sat there crying thinking about what he was going to do to me, i fell asleep, and was woken by the sound of the physco come into the room with his torture tools and a laptop, he hacked into liams twitter and set up a twit cam and linked it saying twit cam for my fans pretending to be liam, there were millions of viewers, he had a mask on so no one could see who he was, welcome to my twitter horror show he said, *help!!* i screamed at the laptop *shut up bitch* he said and hit me across the face.

Zayns Pov

i was on twitter when i saw that liam was doing a twit cam so i clicked onto it and saw rose being hit by some man wearing a mask *ROSE!!* i screamed everyone rushed in and sat watching the laptop *and for my next act i will be useing fire* *noooo please dont do this* rose groaned *shut up* he spat at her, we were all watching teary eyed, naill rang the police and liam and harry went out looking for her the rest of us sat and watched helpless rose being tortured, he was starting to burn her fingers, she was screaming at the top of her lungs in pain *ahhhhhhhh!!!! stop please* she said crying her heart out, it broke my heart into a million pieces to see her being hurt like that me, louis, perrie and amy sat there balling our eyes out as we watched all these horrible things happen to our best friend, *liam, help me* she screamed *anyone please* she sobbed, the man walked out to get something, rose managed to get her hands free and grabbed a spanner that was lying on the ground she pretended to be tied up before the man came back in, *for my next act i will pull, pretty little rose's teeth out here* he walked over to her with a plyers and was about to pull her teeth out *open wide* he said in a creepy tone *fuck you* she said and hit him in the side of the head with the spanner (a.k.a wrench) he fell with a thud to the ground groaning, there was a knife on a little doctors table beside her, she cut her legs free, got up and kicked him in the stomach a few times and punched him in the nose, i think she broke it by the way he howled in pain when she hit him *you fucking scumbag* she spat, she got something, it was her phone she was dialling a number and my phone rang, *zayn* she said crying *oh my god rose, where are you?!* i said with panic in my voice, *i dont know zayn, im scared*she said crying *you should be* said a creepy voice it sent shiver down my spine, i watched the twit cam as rose spun around and the man was standing again, his face was covered with blood, *im going to kill you bitch!* he roared *rose run!!* i screamed into the phone, she spun on her heels and ran, he chased her i was listening through the phone, he was screaming at her saying how he was going to kill her, *fuck you, you dickhead* she said. she put the phone to her ear still running and crying *zayn i dont think im going to make it out* she said sobbing *yes you will rose!!....where are you and ill find you?!* i said crying, im in an abondonded factory, i knew exsacly were she was, *i know where you are rose im comeing* i said running out of my house and into my car, i sped off knowing rose is in trouble.

Roses Pov

i was hideing from the physco, when i heard tyres screeching outside, it was zayn, i was soo happy i started to run to where i heard the screech, put was grabbed by the physco *zayn!!* i roared *ROSE!* he ran up to us, and the physco had a knife to my throat *come any closer and ill kill her* he hissed *please ill do anything, just dont hurt her* *hmmm* the creep taught *i want to take you hostage instead of this bitch* he spat *ok* zayn said *NO!* i screamed, the creep threw me to the ground and grabbed zayn *i love you rose i always have from the moment i saw you i couldnt stop*he said, i was crying my eyes out *zayn dont do this* *i have to rose i dont wanna see you get more hurt then you already are* he said, i got up and ran at the creep and pushed him to the ground i grabbed zayn and ran past him *ROSE* he said *come on* i said, and we ran to his car.

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