If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


13. Hospital

Roses Pov

my finger was hurting like hell and i tink i had a few broken ribs, i was thinking about what zayn had said to me, i was confused about wether i loved zayn or liam, i know i couldnt have both of them so i had too choose i was wipped out of my thoughts when zayn said *rose, what i said back there, it was real i really did mean it tell me you feel the same way?* he said, tears were welling up in my eyes *rose dont cry please dont*he said with a hurt expression on his face *zayn please dont put in this position* i said crying *rose i just want to know if you love me* *zayn you have perrie you cant do that to her* i said *i dont love her as much as i love you* he spoke in his angelic voice *zayn dont do this to her*i said through tears, we arrived at the hospital and i jumped out before he could say anything to me, i was rushed to the emergency room, i didnt know why because i felt fine, i had three broken ribs and my finger was infected, they put me under.

After Surgery

i was abit tipsy cause the doctors gave me pain medicine, liam was here and so was zayn, when i woke up, liam jumped at me and gave me a hug and a kiss *im soooo sorry i let this happen to you rose im such a bad boyfreind* he said holding tears back, i lifted his chin up *dont say that ever again, your the best boyfriend any girl could ask for, i love you* i said, once i said that zayn snapped *you love him!!!! i poured my heart out to you rose and i saved you from that physco and you still love liam!!*he said storming out *zayn!!* liam shouted *come back* liam said walking out after him. i was left there crying.

Liams Pov

i walked out after zayn and caught up with him outside *what was that all about* i snapped *i love your girlfriend liam!!* he shouted, i felt hurt cause i knew rose kinda liked him back, i was trying hard to keep mine and rose's realationship a float but it wasnt working out *zayn me and rose arent working out you can have her* he looked at me in shock and walked back into the hospital with me, he waited outside and i went into rose, *rose* i said *yea?* she asked *how do you think our realationship is really doing*i said, she looked down at the ground *i feel the same way maybe we should just stay friends* i said, she lifted her head *yea, im glad we can be friends liam, i dont know what i'd do without you*she said, i hugged her and gave her a kiss on the fore head and walked outside to tell zayn me and rose were just friends, i told him what happened and he had a spark in his eye, *what about perrie* i asked, the spark in his eyes turned into a dim light, *im going to have to end it with her* i rang perrie and asked her to meet up with me at the park, i told rose i'd be back later, i went to the park and saw perrie sitting there *hey* i said worriedly *whats wrong* she asked even more worried, *i think we need to break up* i said quickly, she had tears building in her eyes *please dont cry* i said, she smacked me right across my face and hard *dont ever talk to me again* she screamed, with that i got up and went back to the hospital to see my future girlfriend i hoped.

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