If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


8. Going Back To Ireland

Roses Pov

i was so excited to be goin back to ireland and plus it was halloween, we were going back tomorrow i was in liams room packing my stuff to go, all the boys were comeing with us and amy,while i was packing liam came in and wrapped his arms around me, *i have a plan for halloween for all of us* *what is it* he asked questionably *we can go to farmaphobia in causey farm* *what happenes?* *well you get in a tractor and it breaks down, you have to get out and then the texas chainsaw massacre (a.k.a leatherface) chases you through a feild and into a maze* i turned to him to see he had a huge grin on his face and said *ill ask the boys* they all said yea of course and so did amy, i was terrified but hideing it, we all talked in the living room for a while and went to bed, i got into bed with liam kissed him and fell asleep, i woke up and liam wasnt there, *liam* i screamed, i heard footsteps running up to me *whats wrong ?!* he asked worried *nothing i just wanted to know where you are* i smiled *just to tell you my familys a little crazy espically my uncle paddy hes a nutjob* i laughed, he looked worried *dont worry, my family will love you* i said as his worried face dissappeared *i hope they do im really nervous meeting them* and with that i got dressed went downstairs had breakfast and got my bags to go back to ireland, when we got to the airport there was loads of fans screaming and shouting, once they saw the boys the went crazy, i grabbed liams hand a squeezed it tightly *i have you* he smiled and grabbed me tight into his arms i smiled and stepped out, i heard some girl roughly about my age call me a slut, i snapped my head around *what did you say?* *i called you a slut didnt you hear* she said laughing with her friends before she knew what was going on i jumped on her hitting her *ahhhhh!* was all she could get out*

Liams Pov

rose wasnt in my arms anymore, i searched for her frantically and saw her jumping on some girl out of the corner of my eye, u ran over and had to practically rip rose off her, i picked her up and carried her into the airport *thats what you get for calling me a slut, bitch!!!* *rose!!!* i shouted at her *what?!* she spat back *i cant believe you just did that* *she called me a slut, i dont care if you dissapprove of it, she called me a slut and got what she diserved* she smirked to herself, *you cant fight your way through life rose* i sighed *i know* she replied sadly *rose im sorry i didnt mean to upset you* *no its just that in school everyone slagged me and saying i was a slut, cause my ex boyfriend said i alyways wanted it with him* she said with tears welling up in her eyes, i hugged her *i know you would never want that rose, he was stupid to let you go in the first place -i lifted her head to look into my eyes- rose you are the most beautiful funny girl i have ever known* she had a huge grin on her face and kissed me, we were on the plane together and the flight was 9 hours to get into dublin airport, we had first class tickets, me and rose were sitting together, she was talking about how she went to farmaphobia 2 years ago and told me how scared she was, i was happy she wanted to go cause she'd be jumping into my arms, we both fell asleep, her head was on my shoulder and my head was on hers, we landed in dublin airport safely and went to roses house, she suprised her mum or ''ma'' as she liked to call her, she saw me and said *rose whos this* she didnt tell her mum we were dateing yet!! *ma this is liam, my boyfriend* she hugged me and i was about to introduce myself *before you introduce yourself i know who you are, your liam out of one direction arent you* *yea* i replied *i mean yes* rose and her mum burst out into laughter, *liam you dont have to say miss or anything just call me mary* *ok mary* i said and laughed, rose's family was funny, her uncle she called paddy walked in, *whos this* he said angrily, i was terrified, he was tall and was a very muscular he walked up to me, *paddy get away from him* rose said *i was only messin with him* *your a arsehole* she spat, i stood up and shook his hand *im patrick roses's uncle but call me paddy* *nice to meet you paddy* i said and shook his hand, we talked for awhile and then we went back to the hotel *i told you my fam wore crazy* she said *i taught you wore jokeing * i replied laughing *nope* she said proudly we laughed and got back to the hotel, we started kissing and then it got more passionate, i closed our room door with my leg and we made our way to the bed and started kissing more, you know what happenes after that but all i can say is, it was amazing.

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