If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


9. Farmaphobia

Rose's Pov

we were makeing our way down to farmaphobia, as usual i was terrified, i love horrors but i cant go through haunted houses even crappy ones.all the guys saw the look on my face and laughed, liam came over and hugged me *you dont have to do it if you dont want to* *no i want to, but im gonna be holding on to you like theres no tomorrow* *thats a good thing for me* i laughed and he laughed at my laugh and then everyone was laughing. we got there and then amy started to look as scared as i was when she saw that we were going out into the middle of the night in a tractor trailer, we all got into the trailer and started talking, the tractor broke down, thats when i clung onto liam. all the boys started to get scared to, a man came to the back of the trailer *yous are gonna have to get out and walk* *are you serious?!* i screamed *yea, now get out* and with that we all got forced out it was pitch black and i didnt have a light except for the one on my phone, i heard a chainsaw and whipped around to see a man waveing a chainsaw around like crazy, i started to sprint towards the maze, all the boys and amy wore behind me being chased by the man, i got into the maze still sprinting at full speed, still hearing the horrible noise of the chainsaw, i froze when i saw about 3 zombies eating someone, i knew it was fake but i was still terrified, they didnt hear me so i started to steb back slowly and then a twig snapped, they all whipped around and ran at me, i was screaming liams name at the top of my lungs, i could hear him scream my name as i got closer and closer with the zombies still behind me, i ran into a dead end, there was a wall and liam was behind it *oh my god liam help the zombies are behind me* i could hear the pounding of footsteps behind me and i got more nervous, i jumped up and grabbed the wall, i was about to hoist myself up when i felt a tug on my leg the zombies were grabbing my leg *ahhhhhh!, help me* i grabbed liams hands and kicked the zombies off and jumped into his arms *oh my god i was fucking terrified* he laughed *its ok we just got to find the others* i turned around to see the chainsaw massacre standing there looking at us *fuck* i grabbed liams hand and ran for an exit, i found it and sprinted out into the group and kept running, the guys and amy saw him and were running right behind us, he stopped chasing us as we got back to the farm *i will never do that again* i gasped the guys laughed and amy and zayn were kissing *get a room* i said as i walked by them.they were all laughing about my reaction on the way back to the hotel, i on the other hand wasnt, me a li li were snuggling in the back seat then i fell asleep and woke to someone screaming in my ear *GET UP!!* it was niall, i pushed him and he fell over on of the seats and landed on his stomach i was laughing for a while he got up and started laughing with me he had to carry me to me and liams room cause i was laughing that much. i got into my pjs and one of liams tops and went to bed, liam was in the room with the others, i heard a knock on the door and got up to awnser it, when i opened it the boys and amy jumped out wearing masks *ahhhhh* then i punched one of them, it was harry *oh my god harry i soooooo sorry i didnt mean to yous just scared me and it was my first reaction* at this point everyone was laughing except me and harry, i gave them all a death glare and they walked away, he was holding his nose up *no dont do that your supposed to lean forward and put your head as close as possible to your knees* *how do you know that* he asked *i did a first aid course thing* *ohhhh ok* we have to go back to england tomorrow and simon wonnt be happy if he sees harry like that tomorrow, he can just say he fell or something.

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