If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


15. Drinking

Roses Pov

i hadnt drank in a while, so i told all the boys we should have a session, just by ourselves *whats a session?* zayn asked me with a confused look on his face *a session is when loads of people get together and drink, but theres only 7 of us but its grand* i said and laughed, they all agreed even amy and i was surprised at that cause she doesnt really drink, zayn had vodka and bud in his house (bud = budweiser) i didnt like the taste of bud cause it was rotten but i liked vodka.i poured myself a glass of straight vodka, and the boys gave me a weird look *she drinks it straight like water* amy said, they all had a shocked look on there face *i like straight vodka, leave me alone jeez* and with that i drank the whole glass, and didnt feel abit tipsy what so ever, zayn came over and poured me and him a shot glass of, jelly shots, *ready* he asked, *arent i always* i said with a smirk, and we drank the jelly shots, they were weird but nice, all the boys and amy were bud, we were all kinda drunk by now, me and zayn headed up to bed and left them to it, when we got into zayns room, we started to kiss, it got more passionate as we lead eachother over to the bed, he ripped my top off and i did the same with him, i pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and he undid the buttons on my jeans and unclipped my bra, he was in his boxers and i could feel his bulge against my leg, the rest of that night was amazing, i woke up naked beside zayn, and he was naked too, because i sneaked a peak, XD, i got dressed and walked down stairs to see if anyone was awake, everyone was asleep except louis and harry, i walked into the kitchen and saw harry and louis kissing, i had to rub my eyes and check again and they wore deffinitly kissing, louis was sitting up on the counter and harry was kissing him, louis back was to me so they couldnt see me, i started to walk back quietly started to walk back but stumbled over my own feet and hit the counter behind me, they jumped off each other and stared at me, *what did you see* louis asked worried, *everything* i said back to him, they both put their heads down, i ran over to them and dragged them both into a hug, i could hear them both crying, i lifted both their chins up *im soooo happy for u guys, and i wont tell a soul, i promise* they both lit up *thank you rose* they said in unison, i laughed *so when did larry styleinson happen?* i asked questionly *a few weeks ago* harry said, *what about eleanor* i asked louis, he put his head down and started to sob *louis its ok calm down* i said hugging him, *no it isint how am i supposed to tell eleanor that i cheated...with....with....harry* he sobbed *i dont know we'll work something out ok boo bear* i said *o....ok* he said sobbing, i stood there and hugged him, when zayn walked in *whats wrong lou* he asked worried *emmmm* he said *i showed him a sad video on youtube and he got emmontional*i said quickly to cover up what was really happening *ohhhh ok* is all zayn said, that was a close one, lou thanked me for not telling him and i told him its allllll cool and made him laugh, ive never seen louis cry before.

Zayns Pov

i knew rose wasnt telling me the truth i could see it in her eyes, i was gonna get what she was hideing out of her, so i asked her to come upstairs for a while, when she got in the room i said *ok what are you hideing* *what do you mean* she said trying not to look at me *rose i know your hideing something so please tell me* *zayn i cant its not for me to tell* *rose tell me* i said raiseing my voice a little *no* she said raiseing her voice a little to, *fine* i screamed *what are you screaming at me for* she screamed back *because you wont fucking tell me whats going on* i roared....

Louis Pov

i could hear zayn and rose screaming at each other and we all sat in silence to hear what they were screaming for *because you wont fucking tell me whats going on* i heard zayn scream at her, i had to go up and stop it, so i looked at harry motioning him to come up with me, we both got up and ran upstairs, i burst into the room to see rose nearly in tears and zayn screaming at her *rose tell me* he screamed, and then looked at me and harry, *zayn, dont scream at rose, its our fault shes not telling you* i said to him, *well then you tell me why the fuck shes lieing to me louis* he screamed at me, *because me and harry are gay zayn thats why*, he had a shocked look on his face and then looked at rose, *rose im sooooo sorry i didnt mean to get all angry at you, i just taught it was something more serious* *its ok zayn* she said *why didnt you just tell us lou* he said *because we didnt want you and the boys to be disgusted with us* he ran up and hugged me and harry *we could never be disgusted with you two, were a family, we love you* he said, rose came up and smiled and joined in on the group hug, *please just dont tell the guys, were gonna tell them in our own time* harry said *ok* zayn said and with that he kissed rose and said sorry one last time.





i just realised that i said zayn and amy were going out so forget about them, sorry if i confused anyone :/, thanks for reading :D!!!!! <33333333333

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