If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


11. Breakfast

Zayns Pov

i couldnt get any sleep last night, all i was thinking about is rose, how beautiful she was, how she could lighten the mood anywhere she went. i was sitting down thinking about her when i was snapped out of my thoughts by her *hey zaynie*she said happily *hey rosey* i said back *wanna hear a joke*she said with her strong dublin accent, it was a funny accent completely different from nialls, her and niall were always ''slaggin each other'' as they liked to call it, over each others accents, she would but on a country accent and he would put on a dublin accent and then the slagging would begin, *right so i was in a french restaurant* *is this part of the joke or real* *its part of the joke so anyways i was in a french restaurant* *yea*i said *and i said to the waiter have you got frogs legs, he said yea, then i said well then hop over there and get me a cheese burger* she bursted out laughing at her own joke, her laugh was weird in a funny way, so i was laughing hard with her, she fell off her stool and hit her head off the counter she started laughing harder then ever cause she fell we were laughing for a few minutes then harry came in *what are you 2 weirdos laughing at*he said *i told a joke......then.......fell......now were laughing* she said between gasps *what was the joke?* we were calmed down by now, she told harry the joke, but he didnt laugh *oh my god harry your such a dry shite*she said *whats that mean* he asked *means your boring* bahaha she let out another weird laugh and that got us all laughing. she could get a whole arena laughing if she tried, i loved her for so many reasons and i wanted to be with her, but how was i going to get her away from liam, how was i going to tell her, how was i going to tell perrie...

Roses Pov

zayn was in deep thought so i decided to scare him, i walked out of the room and in through the living room and into the back of the kitchen i was lucky he didnt move cause his back was towards me, i snuck up behind him and scared the holy shit outta him *RAWR!!!!* i screamed *ahhhhhhh!* ahhhhhhhahahaha i laughed *rose you scared the fuck outta me* i couldnt breath with laughter while zayn was trying to pull a serious face without laughing.i put my phone in my little mini speaker and played i follow rivers *i i follow i follow you deep sea baby i follow you* i sang out loud while all the boys gave me a weird look cause they didnt know the song, i still danced around like a creep but i didnt care i loved the song, i put on bingo players rattle, and the guys kinda liked it so i put it on full blast and jumped around the house with the guys, i turned around and bumped into liam he fell but i fell ontop of him so i didnt get hurt, we were both laughing on the ground, i didnt realise what time it was till i looked at the clock it as 10pm wow did we really dance around for that long, but i didnt care i had a great day, i wasnt tired so i stayed up with zayn and liam, perrie was doing a tour somewhere so zayn had no one to cuddle up too, he looked pretty lonely, we were watching chainaw massacre the 2003 one i think with jessica biel in it, he was scared, liam got up and went to bed *comeing babe?* *nah im gonna stay out here and watch the rest of the movie with zaynie* i said with a smile *ok* he smiled back, liam left and i went over to zayn and sat beside him i knew when the scary bits were gonna happen cause i saw it before, zayn jumped and i laughed *awwww zaynie come here* i said and cuddled him, we fell asleep together, i woke up to the sound of someone singing and cooking, i got up and walked to the kitchen, it was zayn *morning zaynie* *morning rosey*he said *want some pancakes?* *yea!* i jumped at the idea of eating some pancakes, he gave me a plate of pancakes, they were delicious and i ate every last one cause i was starving *oh my god zaynie the were delicious* *thanks* *compliments to the chef* i said and smacked his bum walking out.i walked in on liam wanking *oh my god!!!!* ahahaha i said laughing walkin into the room without looking *ROSE! you werent supposed to come in* *liam its ok* *i could use your help* he said with a wink, and you know what happens after that.

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