If Only

this story is about a girl called Rose shes 18 and finished school she works in starbucks cafe.On one evening she meets a famous boy band.which one will fall in love.......


4. Am I being watched

Rose's P.o.v

as i was walking home i had a weird feeling i was being watched, so i put my earphones in and started listening to Redlight-lost in your love as i was listening to it i saw a shadow peer up behind me i spun around to a white flash in my face, i didnt know what was happening all i knew is that i was being surrounded by people. i was scared so i started to run they followed i was running straight back to the liams house where all the guys wore, i was makeing a mad dash for liams house when i burst through the door they all got a fright i giggled when they all jumped and sat down to start watching the horror with them it was paranormal activity 4

Liams P.o.v

when a scary bit was about to come right on thats when the door shot open and we all screamed as if a ghost had shot the door open then rose walked in out of breath and looking tired when she sat down next to me i was happy.the movie had just started so she didnt miss much when she got a fright i wrapped my arms around her and we fit together like jigsaw pieces.im falling for rose hard i hope she feels the same way about me as i do about her, i could never picture her with harry i just wanted her to be mine.i was about to ask her out when harry walked into the room.

Harrys P.o.v

when i walked into the living room i saw rose and liam cuddled up together, i was insanely jealous right now, she looked happy maybe she should be with liam, no no i shook those taughts out of my head she would be happier with me and i know she would as she saw me walk in she smiled and got up and hugged me and said *can we talk for a sec* *yea* i replied kinda nervous. when we went into the kitchen she turned around and said *why did u shout at liam today the boys told me what happened but didnt tell me why it happened* she gave me the puppy dog eyes and i couldnt help but give in *Rose................i like you i have since i met you and when i saw liams face when he saw u i knew he started to fall for you too, i told him to back off but he didnt so i just got really angry.....tell me you feel the same way* i looked straight into her beatiful blue eyes, she looked confused, i started to lean in to kiss her but right before i could she slipped out of my arms, i looked at her she had tears forming in her eyes she looked at me and said *i....i....im sorry harry i dont feel the same way* with that she started to run out to the living room and grabbed her bag and went out the door, i didnt realise tears were streaming down my face until i realised she was gone.

Rose's P.o.v

i couldnt take it harry said he liked me but i didnt like him i liked liam, i ran out of the kitchen i saw all the boys look at me about to get up and comfort me before they could i grabbed my bag and ran out the door and went back to my place as i layed in bed for which felt like hours i heard the door bell ring i got up and awnsered it i saw liam,zayn,harry,nial and louis. harry looked like he had been crying for awhile because when i saw him his cheeks were all red and puffy *what do you guys want* *rose we wanna talk to you* liam said, i was about to close the door when it wouldnt close liam and the guys pushed there way through i looked at harry and said *harry im sorry i did this to you i didnt mean to hurt you* a tear rolled down my cheek he wiped it away and tried his best to force out a smile *rose its ok whatever makes you happy, i'll be happy and remember i will always be here for you* i smiled and hugged him *thank you harry* i turned and saw liam standing there he walked over to me and hugged me *rose will you go on a date with me*

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