Im Beautiful

Im beautiful because God made me in his likeness. Made me beautiful inside with his own hands.


1. Im Beautiful

I'm beautiful God created me

Made me beautiful inside

In his own time

With his hands


With my heart made for you

To hold in your hands

Look in my eyes

See what you find


Life is full of things

We never know what will happen

God made me to be your love

For you only


From the sky I came

Like a butterfly, I fly away

I'm with the stars

When I'm not with you


You have no life without me

You just think you do

Where would you go?

What would you do?


I know you love me

You have my love

So what to do

Tell me now how you feel


I will think of you

When the moon is out

The night is cold

I don't want to be alone


Touch me as you hold my hand

Let's sing a song of love

As we go along the way

Tell the world were in love


God created me just for you

To have and hold

So never let me go

I'm your angel so sweet

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