The end.

"A young loving couple walk hand in hand on a Chrystal clear moonlit night. They pause to embrace and kiss for a moment in the shadow of an old gas lamplight. Their time here is scarce so they cherish each moment knowing they have to part soon. So they walk and they talk they, hug and they kiss beneath the silvery crest of the moon. Soon they must painfully part so each of them holds a safe place in the other ones heart." she read knowing this could never be her as the world was never going to be that perfect.


1. Run!

They ran as fast as they could, hand in hand, they had to get away from the world. From the eternal war around them. They ran fast into the woods with only the suns diming light to guide the path ahead. The girl was called Alice, she loved her boyfriend, James, very much and new he loved her too. James was 15 years old and Alice was a year younger.


Alice stopped stopping James with her.

"We won't survive where ever we go." She said with a tear running down her cheak. James wiped the tear away.

"We will make it through, just beleve,ok?" he said reasuringly.


They were forced to leave there old life behind as the world was falling apart. Signal had gone down everywere in the world. So there was no fast and easy communication anymore. Every plant was now dead. If you found a wild animal you were told you were crazy, the only living animal on the earth was humans but they were dying too. Food was scarce and it was becoming hard too breath.


They had seen close friends turn to monsterous beasts who killed for food, they called the murders The unsound. The unsound were everywere, one of the reasons James and Alice needed to leave.


Alice was far into the woods now running along side the love of her life. Nether of them knew where they were going but Alice did'nt care as long as she was with James. They were slowing down as they were talking.

" where are we going?" Alice asked.

"I don't know but i don't care as long as we get a way fro..." James could'nt finish his sentence as a sound interupted him.

"What was that.?" James asked with more worry in his voice then he ment to betray.


Then there it was again. It was like the sound that walves made when hunting. Alice herd a loud screem and looked around but found it was herself.

"Its them!"she screemed.

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