Set Free

Short story for halloween comp, please like fav and comment, thanks!
This is about a vampire set loose in the real world.


1. Running away

SMASH!!! There goes another blood tube.
"Watch it Rosie." Mr Fange warningly.
"Hiss! I sick of you always getting in my face, you get your fangs in a such a twist!" Rose spits in her vampire bosses pale face.
"Your fired!" Booms Mr Fange. Lifting up his clawed hand he creates a flaming ball and shoots it at Rose. She grins and rockets up towards the sky.
Up and out.

Still flying, Rose stares down at her home. "It's time to go, find new things." She says to herself, and sends herself hurtling toward earth like a meteor.

Cautiously, Rose gently hovers above Earth, she hadn't been here for hundreds of years, before she died. She got into a taxi, driver was a vamp and you get the idea. As soon as you turn into a vampire you go to Bloodiston, home of the vampires. Then you weren't aloud to come back to Earth unless you job was to make more vamps, few have had the courage to return.
But Rose is not like other vamps, so rockets down, down, down...
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