The darkest night

Becky (a fifteen year old girl) didn't know at the start but she found out that she was a vampire!

In the creepiest wood around, vampires and ghosts had a big war!!


2. The first scare

Becky stopped and stared at the thick trees of the wood swaying for a moment. As she was staring, they gradually seemed to get slower and slower until they stopped swaying completely but the wind was still blowing hard. She felt like she had been taken into some other world and no one could see or hear her but she could still see and hear them, like she was separate from the rest of the world but still there. Then, she heard a strange echoing voice, like a whisper. No one else could here this voice, just Becky. The voice was saying "Come to me, Becky. You belong with us, in the woods!"

 Suddenly, she heard a loud pop and she felt normal. No whisper, the trees were swaying at their ordinary pace again and she felt back in the normal world again but she couldn't stop thinking about those few minutes of her life. She couldn't stop thinking about how empty she felt while the voice was speaking to her; how the voice made her so desperate to step onto the wood.

Becky was very frigtened by this; she had no idea who the person was, how they made her feel this way (Magic or something?) or why they said it to Becky. She's no one special.


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