The darkest night

Becky (a fifteen year old girl) didn't know at the start but she found out that she was a vampire!

In the creepiest wood around, vampires and ghosts had a big war!!


3. The capture

Suddenly, Becky realised that she was late for school so she flung her arm up to her face to look at her watch. 9:30!! School started at 8:45!! Becky started rushing down the road but before long, she felt a hand grab her arm firmly. 

Rapidly, she turned around to see who it was; to her surprise, there was no one there. She felt the hand again but, this time, the hand dragged her all the way down to the entrance of the wood and threw her in. Then, she felt another, different hand push her against a tree but she still couldn't see the people that were shoving her around. She then got dragged across to the other side of the woods, keeping her eyes closed the whole way! When she felt the hand let go, she gradually started opening her eyes. Just in front of her, she could see a big gang of, what looked like, vampires! The all had big fangs and crimson red dripping from them. She got shoved again into a tree next to the gang and had her head pushed down so she was forced to crouch then the invisible person left her. Becky just crouched with her head in her knees, hoping it was all just a terrible nightmare. 

As some one started talking in a deep voice, she lifted her head up to see what was going on. The invisible people started appearing one by one but they still weren't totally visible, Becky could just see a faint outline of them, like they were ghosts.

Becky couldn't quite make out who was speaking but she could hear them saying "This young girl shall become one of us, tonight."


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