The darkest night

Becky (a fifteen year old girl) didn't know at the start but she found out that she was a vampire!

In the creepiest wood around, vampires and ghosts had a big war!!


1. How it started

Becky was just packing her bag and leaving for the school bus when she heard a 'Crash!'. She panicked. What was it? She called to her dad "Dad! Dad? Are you alright?". No answer. Then, her dad shouted out to her, "Sorry! I just dropped a dish, you better get going for the bus or you'll be late!". Becky sighed in relief.

Becky was just an ordinary high school girl at fifteen years old. Her mum died in a terrible car crash when Becky was just seven.

When she arrived at the bus stop, she was surprised to see that the big yellow school bus wasn't there. "AARGG!! I must be late!" She sighed to herself. Becky just stood there, wandering whether to walk to school or to go home and ask her dad to drive her. She decided to walk because the school was only two miles away anyway so it wouldn't take her too long to get there.

Becky's missed the bus before and had to walk and she's always been frightened when she's walked past the huge woods. At the entrance to the woods, there was a small wooden sign with 'Dare you enter?' written on it with blood. She's heard rumours at school before about those woods. People have said that the reason her friend, Ella has been off for so long is because ghosts killed her in the woods but their teacher is waiting for the right moment to tell them. Some of her class mates have also said that they've seen vampires and ghosts  having a big war in there. Becky wasn't sure if any of the stories were true or not ; some of them were just totally ridiculous but she still thought that some of the terrible stories about the woods being haunted could be true. She definitely knew that hardly anyone around her village had ever been in there however, she had this strange part of her that wanted to go in.





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