mia is not an ordinary girl, callum is not an ordinary boy. mia's life is turned upside down when a new boy turns up at the school, she has hidden her secret for so long and now she has to choose, reveal herself or flee...


1. callum

you got your perfect life yet? well, i thought i had until this new boy turned up at my school. I was walking down the school corridor with my two best friends, tim and ella, we were chatting excitebly about the photography club we ran and what we would do next year to improve it when i heard him and spun around just as the intoxicating smell marking another pack on my territory entered my nose. Iswear i'm going to kill callum - that's the boys name - he deserves what's coming to him. Oh by the way i'm mia and i'm a werewolf.

so turning up to school and sniffing out another of my kind, believable, him attacking a teacher and turning into his wolf form in a closet at the back of the school, unbelievable, if i hadn't known better i would have thought that he had meant to expose our entire race, that is until he tried to KILL me, obviously as his wolf self he hasn't learnt any self control, i guess i'll have to teach him that. great another thing to teach him along with how to keep from transforming in the middle of a school day, i'm in so much trouble!



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